Attempted Home Invasion Thwarted by USCCA Member

“About 30 minutes later, the police decided who to arrest, and my son, Nate, and I were filling out written statement forms. I could barely write. In my mind, 5 people who I did not know had just...

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TDI Level VI Handgun: Intensive Gun and Light Training

John Benner, President and Chief Instructor at TDI, always takes a personal interest in the students training. The Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) is a defensive firearms training school that has become one of the best such schools in...

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Senior Citizen Defensive Realities

LFI senior instructor, Steve Denney, demonstrating the handgun flashlight technique. This time, I am writing about the scope of the problems faced by the armed senior citizen. Actually, I am writing this article for my 83-year-old mother who...

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The Midterm Elections and the Biased, National Media

How important are the midterm elections, and for that matter, how important are any elections to gun owners? Look no further than what happened to the fine folks up in Wisconsin a few months ago. Political shenanigans, played by two...

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Carolyn’s Story

More importantly, she also learned how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime, along with ways to deal with a situation that was potentially violent. When I first met Carolyn Lewis, she had just won the concealed...

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Stand & Fight or Shoot & Move

Everything taught for self-defense should be tested via force-on-force drills. Simply because it worked for someone in one gunfight, does not validate it. It must be validated repeatedly to be a trustworthy concept or technique. Our curriculum is...

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