Virginia Tech

Simulated classroom setting at The Warrior’s Forge in Manassas, VA. Photographs courtesy of Robert Whearley. Everyone has experienced this phenomenon: Something important happens and you know exactly where you were and what you were doing. Some of us...

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Ross Sporting Goods

Besides being an avid hunter and outdoorsman and professional firearms instructor, I have shot competitively and attained local, state and national recognition in several disciplines including PPC, IPSC, IDPA, hunter/field silhouettes, skeet, trap and high-power rifle. I was...

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TDI’s F.I.S.T. Full of Challenge

John Benner and TDI have been doing live fire and FOF training for the last 20 years. Student has dropped out, identified and engaged the threat found at the end of the hard corner. Note that...

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Steve Henigson

From soon after the SCTC’s inception until 2004, I edited and published COMBAT!, its monthly journal. I was born in New York City, spent my working years in Los Angeles, and have now retired to a small island...

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The Man Who Wanted to Teach—An Interview With Clint Smith

“It’s the unique characteristic of this country: If you want to, you can have a gun. You may have to sign a form or fill out something, but you can have a gun, which means I can defend...

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special 9mm

What I really like about the CS9 is that it comes up on plane so easily and precisely. What I mean by that is that when I look at a target, grip my gun naturally and bring the gun...

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