Stand & Fight or Shoot & Move

Everything taught for self-defense should be tested via force-on-force drills. Simply because it worked for someone in one gunfight, does not validate it. It must be validated repeatedly to be a trustworthy concept or technique. Our curriculum is...

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Hank Goettelman

I initially looked into police work, but the Postal Service was paying better. I spent 32 years as a letter carrier, going to college at night on the GI Bill. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New...

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The Value of “Dry Practice”

Dry fire facing a safe, brick wall with Rovatec Bullite safety pipe locked in the muzzle of a Glock 27. If you go to shooting school or study with a qualified firearms instructor and learn a basic set...

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Felipe (Phil) Torres, Colonel—U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

The Marines provided me the opportunity to get an education, rise through the enlisted and Warrant Officer ranks, and retire as a Colonel in 2000 after a wonderful, exciting and rewarding 34-year career. I was born in Puerto...

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Bruce A. Beatty: Technical Sergeant, USAF (Retired)—Lucky, Ohio

Alex (Grandson). Quite a good shot for a nine-year-old, especially with a rifle. I was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1955, the third of seven children to Daniel J. Sr., and Stella A. Beatty. Having four brothers and...

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Warrior Talk Symposium with Gabe Suarez

(Left to Right) Gabe Suarez, Andy Stanford, Martin Cooper, Leo Daher Ever since reading the book, “Tactical Advantage,” written by Gabe Suarez, I’ve been curious about the man. An interesting writer with many years of police work in...

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