Thomas and Dolly Clement

While at Fort Leonard Wood for the second time, I got involved in Practical Pistol Competitions and met my future wife, Dolly. She is an excellent marksman, enjoying skeet, rifle shooting and pistol competition. I was born in...

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Steve Henigson

From soon after the SCTC’s inception until 2004, I edited and published COMBAT!, its monthly journal. I was born in New York City, spent my working years in Los Angeles, and have now retired to a small island...

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The Man Who Wanted to Teach—An Interview With Clint Smith

“It’s the unique characteristic of this country: If you want to, you can have a gun. You may have to sign a form or fill out something, but you can have a gun, which means I can defend...

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special 9mm

What I really like about the CS9 is that it comes up on plane so easily and precisely. What I mean by that is that when I look at a target, grip my gun naturally and bring the gun...

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Senior Citizen Defensive Realities

LFI senior instructor, Steve Denney, demonstrating the handgun flashlight technique. This time, I am writing about the scope of the problems faced by the armed senior citizen. Actually, I am writing this article for my 83-year-old mother who...

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Carolyn’s Story

More importantly, she also learned how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime, along with ways to deal with a situation that was potentially violent. When I first met Carolyn Lewis, she had just won the concealed...

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