Betty Shonts

A Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge and Winchester 1895 in 7.62 x 54R are some of Shonts’ favorite things. I’m sporting an ever-growing belly, but the expanding waistline doesn’t stop me from carrying a handgun.   In fact,...

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Russ White

Russ with his daughters. Curiosity Killed the Cat—or did it? They say that curiosity killed the cat. Of course, the part we tend to forget is that satisfaction brought him back. Curiosity is pretty much the story of...

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Recycle Your Brass: Reloading for the Best Use of Time, Money and Practice

Reloaded ammunition allows more than twice as much trigger time over factory loads. When compared to high grade defensive loads, reloaded ammunition allows more than three times the practice. With the price of ammunition skyrocketing, reloading makes more...

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Sophie Chen: The Evolution of a New Shooter

A collapsible stock allowed Sophie to get a proper cheek weld with the M4 carbine. Throughout her life, Sophie Chen has endeavored to do right by others. A biochemistry researcher by education, she also volunteers extensively. Since 2000,...

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Ben Shepherd

I took the required course, jumped through the legal hoops, and received my permit. I grew up in a family of five children (three brothers and one sister) with...

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Carina Burns Randolph

As a result of taking that safety course, Carina fell in love with shooting, especially with the “honesty of the shot.” Recently I was at the pistol range giving a lesson to a client on how to shoot...

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