Understanding Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight: The Physical and Psychological Effects. It’s been long known that when under extreme stress (including when under attack) the human body will undergo a series of involuntary changes as part of the “fight or flight”...

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Two Target, No Reload Standards

TOTAL HITS: 6 (head), 10 (center mass) per target; TOTAL ROUNDS/POINTS: 32/160 This course of fire is something I developed for the AT-IV class as a test of the essential skills: basic marksmanship, fast shooting on a single...

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Shooting Dots

Start off with a 3-inch dot to focus on trigger management and sight alignment. The longer I am in the business of teaching firearms and tactics, the more I realize how important the basic fundamentals of both are.

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Confirm Your Accuracy by Understanding Spatial Relationships

SMOOTHLY press the trigger straight to the rear while you continue to focus on the front sight and strive to keep it aligned with the invisible line between your eye and the target. A spatial relationship is how...

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Jon’s primary reason for carrying is to protect the ones he cares for. Here he is with his two wonderful children. USCCA member Jon Angell might live in a tiny town, but he takes a large view of...

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Rob Campbell

It seems to me that if I’m going to stake my life or my family’s life on it, I should probably be practicing,” says Rob Campbell. He gets to the range two or three times a week, and...

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