Handgun Accuracy

This 6-shot group, all landing in the center of an IDPA target, was fired from a double-action revolver at 15 yards in 16.12 sec. To pass the Firearms Academy of Seattle’s Master Certification (which encompasses several aspects of...

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Shooting isn’t Fighting!

Target shooting or training to fight? While the big silhouette will probably make you feel better about yourself, the lowered and angled head shot will be better training. Hard training makes for easier fighting.   Are your targets...

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Voices of the USCCA | How Did You Decide to Carry?

How did you decide that carrying a firearm was right for you? After my stint in the United States Marine Corps was over and I entered the civilian world I have grown to love so much, it was a natural...

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Visual and Auditory Distortions

Top Image: Under normal circumstances, the visual cortex is receiving input from the entire retina, which provides up to 200 degrees of vision. Bottom Image: Under extreme stress, the thalamus filters out (or the sensory cortex ignores) visual...

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Firearms Academy of Seattle Handgun Masters Test

Although not acceptable for testing purposes, taping the sights allows a shooter to practice low light skills in broad daylight, even on non-permissive ranges. Editor’s note: This drill comes to us from the Firearms Academy of Seattle, where...

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Michael and Laurel Griffeath, “Be Prepared”

The Griffeaths developed a keen interest in firearms and going armed for two main reasons: the political and the practical. The exercise of their constitutional rights and the protection of self, spouse, and child both figure strongly in...

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