Joining the USCCA

Home About Frequently Asked Questions Joining the USCCA Joining the USCCA Where can I activate my USCCA Membership? You can activate the self-defense education, training and legal protection of your...

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USCCA Membership Benefits FAQs

Home About Frequently Asked Questions Membership Benefits USCCA Membership Benefits FAQs Do I need a USCCA Membership even if I don't carry a gun? If there is a chance you...

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Glock 48 Gun Review: One Slim Little Shooter

Since Glock launched the G42 five years ago, the gun world has come to expect single-stacks from the double-stack-centric company. Several models are now in production, but it’s one that falls somewhere in the middle that fascinates me most: the...

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you protect your loved ones but if you defend them with a gun, who protects you? Learn More Ready to Join? Select Membership USCCA Membership Protects You With the...

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You Can’t Protect Your Family From Inside a Jail Cell. You Can Protect Them With USCCA Membership. Join Now If You’re Not Protected, Your Family Isn’t Either. For as little as $22/month, you can...

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Comparison of Concealed Carry Protection Options for Gun Owners

Responsible concealed carry gun owners have several options when it comes to protecting themselves in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. The four main types of concealed carry insurance or other legal-protection programs for CCW permit holders are as follows:...

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