Is a Pocket Gun “Enough” to Use in Self-Defense?

The common criticism of the pocket gun is that it’s not “enough gun”—that the pocket gun carrier gives up too much in speed, accuracy, and capacity. Choosing a handgun for concealed carry requires the shooter to trade off...

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Effective Practice on an Indoor Gun Range

Everyone’s Resources are limited. Learn how you can maximize your resources and become a skilled shooter without having to spend the money and time that you don’t have…

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One Piece of Advice About Concealed Carry | Voices of the USCCA

This HK P7 M8 is an unusual choice for concealed carry and may not be for everybody. Select your weapon carefully and become proficient with your choice. If you could give ONE piece of advice to someone just...

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Trigger Awareness

This issue’s Drill of the Month isn’t exactly a drill. Rather, it is a series of exercises designed to help you become more aware of your trigger finger and better able to control its motions. No matter how fast you...

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Back to Basics

Editor, The “Practice Drill of the Month” article [“Confirm Your Accuracy by Understanding Spatial Relationships” by Vicki Farnam] in the February/March issue was great! You can never have enough reminders on how to shoot accurately. Every time I start to...

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Home – 2019 Christmas Test

you protect your loved ones but if you defend them with a gun, who protects you? Start my Membership Already a Member?   Sign In USCCA Membership Protects You With the Best Training and Legal Defense in the Country.

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