The Parrot Drill, or Timing is Everything!

The drill gets its odd name from the mythical pirate with a parrot perched on his shoulder. No matter where I teach in the country, I see shooters making the same marksmanship mistakes over and over. One of...

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The Dot Drill From Sierra Firearms Academy

Shoot at the center of the dot, not the whole dot. This is a precision drill, fired at 10 yards without regard to time, only precision. The targets are 10, 3-inch dots placed in the following sequence: 1...

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Skills Maintenance Drills

Tracking target. Given the fact that I am physically challenged with neck and back pain, arthritis, and spinal inflexibility stemming from some injuries, I am often asked how I...

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CCM Sales

Get Practical Training, News & True Stories... Any Time, Any Place 8 Full-Color Issues Delivered Right to Your Front Door Print + Digital Access Subscribe Today & Save 41% Get Practical Training, News &...

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How Much Do You Train?

My friend Dave Young has a very clear statement about firearms training: Every round you fire should have a training value attached to it. I love going shooting. I could just plink away all day long with a .22 and...

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Pounding “Plastic”: The Polymer Plate Rack

As we here at Concealed Carry Magazine gear up to produce more range day videos, you will begin to see a wide array of targets near the backstop. Recently we talked about steel and now we are using polymer targets...

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