Drill of the Month

1 – RELOAD – 2 Start with your pistol loaded with only one round, holstered in your normal carry mode. As with many drills, this one seems deceptively simple at first glance, but done properly it enhances a...

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CCM, One of the Finest Monthly Publications of Any Kind!

After reading the July 2012 issue through twice already, I’m am compelled to congratulate you, Tim and all involved in the publication of one of the finest monthly publications of any kind! Every previous issue has been great, however the...

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Snake Drill

[ Submitted by David Kenik of Armed Response. ] Set up four sets of cover in a row, in front of each other, approximately five feet apart, with a target ten feet in front of the cover. Now...

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6/5/4 Drill

The target contains the outline of an eight-inch circle, the outline of a standard business card, and the outline of a six-inch circle. I travel all over the country teaching defensive firearms use, and I see the same...

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The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Drill

This issue’s Drill of the Month comes to us from noted shooting instructor Ken Hackathorn. It’s one string of fire from his suggested 100-round practice routine. The complete routine was a bit too complex to print here, so we chose...

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The “Slap, Rack, and Roll” Drill

To conduct the exercise, an assistant will load the shooter’s magazine with a mixture of live rounds and dummy rounds. [Editor’s Note: This drill is taken from the book Concealed Carry Fundamentals by Author Michael Martin, an excellent...

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