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Get Practical Training, News & True Stories... Any Time, Any Place 8 Full-Color Issues Delivered Right to Your Front Door Print + Digital Access Subscribe Today & Save 41% Get Practical Training, News &...

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How Much Do You Train?

My friend Dave Young has a very clear statement about firearms training: Every round you fire should have a training value attached to it. I love going shooting. I could just plink away all day long with a .22 and...

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Firearms Home(Work)

A lot more people have been spending time at home recently. Perhaps you’re an independent contractor and always work from home. Maybe you are temporarily working at home or are furloughed. Maybe you’re simply retired. Regardless of the reason, you...

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The Tim Kennedy Experience

If you have been following our social media channels or blog, you may have noticed the wonderful partnership we have established with Tim Kennedy. Our employees had the pleasure of meeting him...

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Spring Training Challenge Week 4: Training

Practicing in order to develop shooting skills is not only vital but also fun, which is why it never takes much encouragement to get most of us out to the gun range. But our ability to survive a violent assault...

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Spring Training Challenge Week 2: Gear Up for Personal Defense

Carrying a concealed handgun is a great responsibility. You need to conduct more research than if you were purchasing a bicycle but less outlay than if you were purchasing a Harley Davidson. And the effort is worthwhile on every point.

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