Five Beans in the Wheel

If your carry revolver looks like this antique, you might want to leave a chamber empty.   “Is this thing safe to carry fully loaded?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that question asked about...

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Problems by Extension

High-visibility target sights may make it easier to shoot, but are a snag-prone nuisance on a carry pistol. Your handgun is compromised. No, seriously. Your handgun is compromised; all...

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The Mechanics of Accuracy

Training aids like Crimson Trace Lasergrips can make learning to shoot little guns easier.   “You carry one of those little guns? You can’t hit nothin’ with one o’ them. They ain’t accurate!”   I have heard this...

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I Thought I was Joe Safety

As I read “Ballistics Basics: A Very Serious Setback” by Tamara Keel in the Nov/Dec issue, I realized I had met “Joe Safety.” He is me. When I take my car gun, a 9mm semi-automatic, I load a magazine and...

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A Darned Sight Better

He had been out there trying out the new Blastomatic 2000 we’d just sold him, and he had a frown on his face and a shot-up target in his hands. “There’s something wrong with the sights on this gun …”...

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It Shoots Flat

At defensive handgun distances, bullet drop doesn’t matter. In my time I’ve owned a couple of Glock 33s, which is Glock’s itty-bitty subcompact in .357 SIG.     They were a hoot to shoot: lots of flash and...

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