Safety in the Theater

If you go in, have a plan to help you get out! It’s a simple rule many of us overlook. When you walk into a movie theater, pay special attention to how you will escape if you need to.

Choosing a good seat is every bit as much about personal safety as it is about a good movie-watching experience. If possible, select a seat that gives you a good look at the exits and allows you to move freely with your firearm should you need to. And always remember an attack may come from the rear. Finally, it’s a good idea to carry a flashlight everywhere you go, but if you know you are going into a dark room, like a theater, a flashlight is a must. If you go into a place, you must have a plan for getting out.

Seats Are Concealment, Not Cover

Movie theater seats are concealment, not cover. They will not stop bullets and the aisles are so narrow between the seats you may not have room to maneuver if you try to fight from such a location. The best option is to escape quickly if you can. Choose your seat with that in mind.

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