barrel of gun
Staring down the very large barrel pointing at his face, in shock and disbelief, he remembers feeling anger: anger at himself for being unarmed and leaving his gun in the store.

A barrel is the metal tube on the firearm through which the bullet is propelled in a specific direction.

Barrel Crown

barrel crown photo
closeup of barrel crown on pistol

A barrel crown can be defined as the shaping of the point on a muzzle where the end of the bore intersects with the face of the end of the barrel. Different styles and shapes of crowns have evolved to meet specific shooting needs. It is important to maintain uniformity and consistency of the crown since this is the last point of the bore that the bullet contacts as it leaves the barrel.

There are various types of crowns, including target, recessed, 11 degree, concave and recessed. A target crown is machined into the muzzle to protect the rifling. This preserves and protects accuracy. If the very edge of the bore is nicked, scratched or damaged in any way, it will impact the dynamics of the bullet as it exits the muzzle. 

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