Remora Holsters

The Remora has no clips , loops , or other attachment hardware. It just uses friction.

The Remora has no clips , loops , or other attachment hardware. It just uses friction.

A remora is the “suckerfish” you often see attached to sharks or other large marine animals. The defining characteristic is the way the remora firmly attaches to its host and won’t let go. Alan Bogdan, owner of Remora Concealment and Security Products LLC, was inspired by the remora fish’s legendary grip when naming his innovative new holster line.

The Remora is billed as a “no clip” and “non-slip” holster. In essence, the holster is a typical wrap-around holster design, but with no clips, loops, or other attachment hardware. The secret to the holster is the “sticky” rubber exterior that creates incredible friction with most any surface, including skin or clothing. The Remora functions as an inside-the-waistband holster simply by inserting the holster between your body and your pants and letting friction hold the rig in place.

The benefits of this “no clip” system are pretty obvious. First, the holster can be put anywhere along the waistband without regard to belt loops and such. It can also be placed in different orientations and adjusted to however most comfortable. Perhaps most importantly, the holster can be easily put on or taken off without the hassle of snaps or clips, or having to remove your belt. The potential down-side, of course, is also obvious. The holster is held only by friction, and vigorous activity or violent movement could dislodge the holster.


Remora holsters start at only $24.95, which is very reasonable for an American-made product.


In practice, the holster does stay put very well. It certainly holds in place better than similarly priced holsters with a single plastic or spring metal clip. I would personally prefer a solid belt attachment of some sort for everyday carry, but this holster works as advertised. I have used the Remora at times when my pistol had to be taken on and off several times in the course of the day. This ease of donning and doffing is the real strength of this particular design.

The smaller models can also serve as a pocket holster, and the tacky exterior helps retain the holster in the pocket on the draw. For small pocket-sized guns, you actually get two holster options from the same design.

Remora holsters start at only $24.95, which is very reasonable for an American-made product. You can add a variety of options, including a sweat guard or a “tuckable” option. You can even opt for a reinforced holster mouth if you are concerned about one-handed reholstering. At this price point, the Remora may be a great holster to experiment with both inside-the-waistband or pocket carry while searching for your ideal carry method.

Remora Concealment promises quick delivery times and guarantees your satisfaction. In fact, the holsters are backed by a lifetime guarantee. So even your modest investment in a Remora holster is a safe bet. You can purchase Remora holsters to fit most common firearms, and there is a fitment chart on the company’s website: Even with all the holsters I own, I have found a use for the Remora—and I suspect you may, too.


Remora Holsters


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  1. I personally use a Remora and love it. As a woman, I often suggest these holsters to other women. They aren’t bulky as are some holsters. They stay put and are convenient. The guns fit snugly and won’t slide out accidentally. Love them.

  2. John: I have nno commet at this time! Like the holsters in your store.

    1. I have a 100 year anniversary special addition 2003 Heritage Softail Harley. Old school. Do you have a holster that would fit on a bike somewhere And look good. Skip good

  3. Will it fit if you don’t wear belts (like with suits)? That’s the kind I’m looking for for my .9mm

  4. How comfortable is it on skin? That’s my question. I seldom wear underwear or tee shirt.

  5. Interesting concept but I believe most people are probably concerned about the security/ stability issues of a holster with no hardware to affix it to the carrier. I understand the material is “sticky” but what’s wrong with adding an option of a clip for those with this obvious concern? Being ex-LEO, I’m aware of the statistics of those shot with their own side arm and often times after a struggle. I would not be confident this rig would stay in place during such a struggle. The sticky material would be a nice enhancement to a clip to avoid the rig shifting positions or canter.

  6. I own a Remora and really like it. I am amazed at the clothing I can wear it with and it stays put.

  7. I bought one. The salesman had me try it with a unloaded small Glock. It worked fine, I jumped around, moved about and the weapon stayed in place. I got home put my weapon in it with a loaded 8rnd clip. It didn’t stay in place so good. I used it a couple of times as a IWB but was always fearful it might end up at my ankle. The last time I used it as IWB I got out of my truck, the holster and weapon ended up ultra concealed by the family jewels. I use it now only as a pocket holster and it works for that if the pocket is large enough.

  8. If it holds good in the IWB. How good does it hold the CCW?

    1. I bought this holster and one of the De Santis that is made almost exactly the same way. It is convenient but with that convenience comes the problem with drawing the holster with the gun. I practiced and practiced after wearing both in a couple of different locations. Once its wears in I have found it tends to fall out with moderate activity. I have dropped my holstered firearm twice in public now in this holster. I am completely confined to a wheelchair and I have to be careful that I don’t damage my skin wearing my revolver or my Compact 8mm semi-auto and I decided this works great for that but retention with the Remora is inadequate for everyday carry. This is just my experience I am sure others may have had better results but I cannot feel the the weapon and holster as it is slipping.

  9. The one the very wise man and owner Mr. Walt King of King Glock showed me and suggested to cure my G-26 carry issues I had … And that’s past tense …
    Work like a charm in my shorts for fishing in the S Fla heat and humidity and does not move from where put snugly .
    And is where it’s supposed to be when a need arises I am sure…
    Thanks … Great product!!!
    Works like a charm for me …

  10. I just bought one of these and find it better for my uses then any other I have. RunniIng and cross counrty biking has not shaken it loose yet. I carry a Tarus 24/7 G2 45 w/12rd clip. Best buy I I have found yet.

  11. I use the Sticky Holster very similar to the Remora. Excellent holster especially for shorts and summer clothing. The key is to make sure you wear a belt because it works the best when there is pressure against it. You don’t have to wear a gun belt. If you prefer and your gun is small enough it works great in your pocket you can draw your gun and the holster stays put.

  12. ffighterbrian

    I have had the Remora holster for nearly 3 months now. It is nothing short of remarkable. It is top notch in comfort even when carrying my large frame revolver. For the price and all day comfort, this holster can’t be beat. Also they have great customer service, and best of all it is completely made in the great U.S.A!

  13. Gary Neumeister

    You want comfort, and security in your holster try the N82 Tactical Holster. You won’t be disappointed! IWB

    1. Got 2 of them! Made by DeSantis, right? You can order Velcro Thumb Strap kit for $12.00 approx. to add to N82 holster. I wish the metal clip had longer end-tab on it, to make it easier to put on/take off. Mine has pouch for 1 extra magazine & fits all my 9mm & 40 S&W fine. Bit uncomfortable IWM for me, but then I’m very slender body person. BTW I wear mine clipped to waistband of blue jeans (without a belt) and it stays where I put it. I also use a “slide-through” style clip-on IWM/OWB, but don’t feel comfortable with that much gun sticking out of it, cause imprint of the gun is more defined when not inside a holster. IMHO! Bottom line: find holster YOU are comfortable using, even if it isn’t comfortable!

  14. Been packing my Kel Tek PF9 in one for about a year now, and as long as I’ve got a belt on, it doesn’t move at all even bending and stretching. It might fall out on my inversion table, but I’ve never tried that. I’m very confident and comfortable with its performance.

  15. A good belt is the key. I prefer to IWB my 1911, but when that’s too bulky the remora-style holster does just fine with my Kahr .45 compact. Always stays snug.


    I saw that USCCA put this remora holster on facebook, it came up on my page. I called Remora Holsters & ordered the holster in the picture for my Glock 26 Gen 4. Love it, works well! Thanks USCCA

  17. I have both the Remora and Sticky. The Remora offers a extra mag pouch on theirs but its alittle more stiffer. I use the sticky with my XDS and it stays put. Now what do I do with all the other at the time great holsters. Best part is the no clips or belt loops

  18. Wondering if anyone use it on a bicycle while riding on trails. Do they make one for bike riding?

  19. Ordered one for my Ruger LC9 with LaserMax sight. When ordering over the phone I made it clear a number of times that my LC9 had a LaserMax sight. I could tell that the person taking the order was not paying attention to me and I told her a number of times that the LC9 had a LaserMax sight. Well guss what…….holster came today and the gun does not fit in the holster. If all went well I was going to order a second holster for my other gun. Well that’s not going to happen. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Not a happy customer, $35 down the drain.

    1. Contacted Remora……they sent me the correct holster for my LC9 w/LaserMax and told me to keep the first holster. I was upset with my oder but Remora made it right and more. Thanks Remora great service!

  20. I use it for IWB , pocket and lunch box carry. Put my Taurus 732 in it and it works great.

  21. I personally have had many different Concealed Carry Holsters for different firearm/holster options that are conducive to truly conceal a firearm here in Florida, do mainly to the HUMIDITY (especially in the Summer ). When I ran across Remora holsters I thought heck I’ll try one out, so I bought one for my Diamondback DB380 (380ACP) with the Remora Hyde Leather liner (For $10 I highly recommend this upgrade as it makes the holster thinner than the denier version, and it molds to the gun leaving a footprint), ankle/thigh option, & full sweat shield option. It was perfect from the minute it arrived and has only gotten better since I broke it in. Because weather and dress attire determine the gun size, round capacity, and caliber here in Florida having multiple micro compact, or sub compact setups is a great advantage. My DB380 Remora holster was my guinea pig, and since It has worked better for me than any other IWB I’ve since gotten a few more for my other setups. My additional Remora Holsters also all have the Hyde leather, ankle/thigh, option, and are either full sweat shield or regular sweat shield depending on the outfit or firearm. I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with all my Remora holsters that most are a pocket , IWB, Ankle or Thigh Holster all in one holster! From jogging or beach going with a Diamondback DB380, or running to the store quick with a Diamondback DB9 (9mm), or wanting more power with a dress coat the Glock G27 (40 S&W), and or finally my Springfield XDS 45 ACP that works great with jeans or shorts with a belt. Remoras house all my Concealed Carry Pistols now for over a year and they are better today than the day I got them. They break in great and clean up easy with a little soapy water and the stick is back. If you wear clothing that is true to your waist, or has spandex, or wear a belt Remora holsters will work great. Some people wear the holster between their underwear and pants, wear the holster under the spandex band of most underwear directly on the skin. Truthfully either works for me, and is usually determined by activity level, humidity, heat, and dress attire. Remora Holsters are also hand stocked and produced in the USA, how many companies can say that. Support US Goods and try a Remora if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed. They practically have a custom multi-purpose holster for any pistol, even revolvers. From my experience if you want something changed, or modified the customer service is incredible. Remora you’ve got a great products going for ya keep up the Great Work!

  22. Best iwb on the market.i’ve tried a pile of others.i wish I had my money back on all the others.remora holsters hid my kimber ultra carry, my sp101, and my beretta px4 storm subcompact.for comfort and concealable you can’beat it.

  23. I found that a right hand Remora holster with sweat shield makes a dandy left rear pocket rig. Stays in place and doesn’t print at all.

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