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Belly Band with neoprene

Belly band with neoprene

Like other types of belly bands, Pistol Wear products conceal the firearm as neatly under casual clothing as they do under business suits. But there’s a crucial difference: where other belly bands provide only a stretchy (and sometimes scratchy) layer of elastic between the user and the firearm, Pistol Wear uses a water-resistant layer of neoprene to provide cushioning and complete protection for both firearm and user. The result is a comfortable, discreet concealed carry method that holds up to an active lifestyle—and even works while working out, something few other concealed carry methods can boast. Cost: around $35.


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  1. doncase10332

    Looks interesting…Does anyone have any reviews?

    1. Just rec’d my Trump Card for my 380. Love it!!! Can’t tell your even wearing anything..weight or looks. Very concealable, fits secure, yet sooo comfortable! Also fits the S&W 380 SoCal airweight snubbie just fine! Highly recommend!

      1. That was suppose to be S&W 38 Spcl airweight snubbie, Jframe..darn these auto correctors!

  2. happy2havagun

    My wife just got hers, and is both pleased and disappointed. The support is great, she is a runner, and it holds the gun stable. However, the gun is carried at an angle inside the pouch and drawn out of the top in a semi cross draw fashion. This makes it incredibly difficult to obtain a combat grip, and very slow to draw. She carries a S&W M&P9C and it is borderline to large. Perhaps a .380 pocket pistol would work? We don’t have one of those, and we will be sending our pistol wear pt-one back.

    1. @ happy: I carry a LCP .380 in my band and find I have ample room to pull out with a firm grip. I think you would be much more pleased with a smaller gun in this band. (2 years with the same band – it cleans up well, too!)

  3. Which one of the models would fit a S&W 442 .38 or S&W 649 .357? I’ve asked Pistol Wear by email and phone message but get no response.

  4. I got a holster from Pistol Wear a while back. I tried to contact customer service to figure out which model to get for my Walther and realized that they were responding to my questions, it just went to my spam. I got the PT-2 for mine and have been overall happy with it because I can carry without depending on the clothes I am wearing to support the holster. It is true that the draw might be slightly slower than other holsters like mentioned above, but I feel more comfortable when I am out walking.

  5. I have had the PT-2 model for about a year now and carry a 38 special, i wear it when I run and it works great. Wear it low and there is no bounce, looks like a fanny pack for my iPod when it shows but mostly doesn’t because I am wearing loose t-shirts. Easily accessible and can angle the gun to suit you. Was thinking about getting the trump card holster for non-athletic carry, does anyone have reviews on that one? Was wondering how well it would stay up riding on the rib age?

  6. I was considering a more expensive “smart carry” style holster but just couldn’t get past the idea of having to pull my pants open to get my gun out of my crotch. Then I ran across Pistol Wear and decided to order the PT-2 for my Ruger LC9. I am in love with this thing. I’m a 42 waist and using an ITW or paddle holster was always uncomfortable or too visible, even with the Ruger’s small frame. With the PT-2, I almost forget I’m wearing it…it’s that comfortable and stealthy. I also love that I don’t need to be wearing a belt. The description states it fits to size 40, so I ordered the extension but found that the neoprene stretches enough that I didn’t even need it. My only wish is that they would make an even smaller version for more compact guns. My larger Glock 19 fits this one just fine. IMO you can not go wrong with a Pistol wear.

  7. We have Sigs .380 model 230. How good is the fit for this pistol? What are the waist size options? Can it be drawn from
    a sitting position while in a vehicle, both in the drivers seat and
    or the passenger seat? I’m just thinking out loud as to protect
    ones self in the event of a “car jacking attempt”.

  8. I saw a review on You tube about a sub compact Trump Card by Pistol Wear. This might work for those looking for something smaller than the PT-2.

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