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A Very Serious Setback

Repeatedly loading and unloading the same round can cause setback, a dangerous condition where the bullet becomes jammed too far into its case, as seen in the center cartridge of this image.

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My Bullet’s Nose is Plugged!

Cor-Bon’s Pow’RBall uses a soft polymer plug to fill the nose, giving it a more feed-friendly profile and forcing reliable expansion on impact.


It is pretty easy to make a rifle bullet expand.


At the velocities most…

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Don’t Forget Your Jacket

Even practice ammunition has benefited from these newer manufacturing methods, as jacketed bullets are available now in which the whole lead core is completely encapsulated, preventing lead being vaporized from the base and thereby reducing airborne contaminants on indoor…

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Jell-O Shots

Translucent, tough, and consistent, ballistic gelatin provides an industry-wide standard of comparison in penetration tests. Here, Gold Dot and Ranger SXT 9mm bullets hang suspended inside a block that clearly shows their entry dynamics.


JELL-O is a registered…

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Revolvers Don’t Jam & Other Firearms Myths

The heavy double-action trigger pull on even this custom revolver is more difficult to manage than a semi-automatic pistol.

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Looking for The Magic Bullet

Backed by extensive research and testing, modern defense Ammunition provides confidence to police and private citizen alike.


New gun buyers are told to select a quality hollowpoint bullet for self defense and then turned loose to deal with… Read More

Gun Store Miss Adventures

The affable fellow behind the counter is Mark Snoke. Mark is the sporting goods manager at Sunbird Shopping Center in Chehalis, Washington. Thank you to Sunbird. Photograph taken by Donald Stahlnecker.

When a woman purchases her first defensive handgun,…

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