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Silver Membership

$300,000 in Self-Defense SHIELD Protection

Plus Your Exclusive USCCA Member Resources

$ 13 /MONTH
$ 147 /YEAR

$300,000 in Protection

365-Day Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee

$250,000 Civil Suit Defense And Damage Protection

When the criminal you protected your family from sues you in civil court, this funding will help insulate you from and defend against a lawsuit that threatens all you've ever worked for.

$50,000 Criminal Defense Protection And Up-Front Attorney Retainer

You'll receive this up-front criminal defense attorney retainer to help get your criminal defense underway. No "grant committees" or "request processes" are involved with this powerful benefit.

24/7/365 Access To The USCCA Critical Response Team

You’ll have access to a specially trained team if you’re ever forced to defend yourself. First call 9-1-1, then call us–any day, any time. They'll connect you to your prefered attorney or, if you haven’t selected an attorney, will give you access to the USCCA Attorney Network. The team will also help with coordination of all your benefits, including bail bond funding and attorney retainer, while keeping your emergency contact updated along the way.

Covers Use Of Any Legal Weapon

Your protection covers every legal weapon of opportunity. You shouldn't have to think twice about protecting your family, whether it be with a firearm, knife, or even your own two hands.

Personal Hardship Coverage

Your Personal Hardship Coverage will assist you with firearm replacement, damaged property repair, or other unexpected costs that come along with the aftermath of a self-defense incident.

Members-Only Deals And Discounts

You’re guaranteed to be first in line to get your hands on newly released and significantly discounted USCCA products. Plus, you’ll receive up to 30% off on guns, gear, and apparel from some of our favorite industry partners.

Local Attorney Coordination

After contacting your Critical Response Team, your case manager will jump into action to connect you with your preferred attorney, or if you haven’t selected an attorney, will give you access to the USCCA Attorney Network. You’ll have professional guidance through the murky waters of the legal system with your preferred attorney.

Firearm Theft Liability Coverage

You’ll be legally and financially safeguarded if your firearm is reported stolen and used in a crime.

Wage Compensation While In Civil Court

You’ll receive wage compensation for every day you may spend defending yourself in civil court.

100% Up-Front Coverage

(No Deductible, No Reimbursement!)

If you're involved in a self-defense incident your Critical Response Team will instantly take any and all financial burdens off of your shoulders. No deductible, no reimbursement, no out-of-pocket costs to your family.

No Annual Limits - Benefits Per Occurrence

Your access to your benefits should not be limited by a calendar year. If you’re forced to act in self-defense again, and you need your Self-Defense SHIELD protection months, weeks, or even days within a prior claim, you can still receive full coverage up to the per occurrence limit of your membership level.

Up-Front Bail Bond Funding

If you're being held in jail, this benefit will provide expedited funding to get you out of jail and back with your family where you can plan an effective defense.

Concealed Carry Magazine Subscription - 8 Issues

Each issue contains over 120 pages of gear reviews, training, and true stories of self-defense delivered straight to your door. This includes a quarterly women's section and instant online access to over 13 years of back issues!

Complete Psychological Support

Your acts of self-defense will leave a lasting impact on your mental well-being and you may wish to seek support that will help you and your family find peace after an incident. Your Self-Defense SHIELD benefit provides access to funding to help you pay for counseling sessions.

Attorney Counseling by USCCA Legal Advisory Board

The USCCA Legal Advisory Board gives you absolute peace of mind knowing that your defense attorney will have access to national authorities in self-defense, firearms, and concealed carry law.

Expert Witness Coordination

Should you face charges, your Self-Defense SHIELD benefits can cover fees for Expert Witnesses.

Interrogation And Grand Jury Protection

Even before charges are filed, you’ll be questioned by police and may even have to face a Grand Jury. Your Self-Defense SHIELD will provide funding to retain a criminal defense attorney of your choice to make sure that your rights are protected and your case is properly presented.

Members-Only Online Video Library And Article Vault

You’ll have instant access to practical drills, training videos, and lifesaving information in your secure members-only dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to cancel my membership if I choose to?

    You’ll feel the forceful protection of USCCA membership as soon as you join, and will never think twice about it again. However, any purchase you make with USCCA is protected by our 365-Day 100% Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee. Simply call our USCCA team and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. You won’t find such a bold guarantee with any other organization!

  • Why would I ever need self-defense insurance?

    If you’re ever forced to fight back against a violent attacker, defending yourself and your family could lead to legal repercussions. It may sound hard to believe, but it happens to good guys every day. Acts of self-defense can lead to lawsuits, criminal charges, and even jail time–even if you did everything right. And doing the right thing, shouldn’t cost you everything. Don’t allow yourself to be made a victim by settling for a public defender or draining your life savings to fund your most basic human rights—your safety and your freedom. Get the protection you and your family deserve.

  • Why should I choose USCCA?

    The USCCA is the association that powers the Self-Defense SHIELD, an insurance-backed member-only benefit. Your Self-Defense SHIELD is backed by an A rated, American insurance company. Hundreds of responsibly armed Americans have relied on the up-front funding and professional guidance provided by USCCA membership. Your membership is 100% risk-free with our 365-day money-back guarantee. Our Wisconsin-based team is available to you for any reason, and will gladly answer any other questions you may have about USCCA membership.

  • Is this a reimbursement plan?

    No. You have complete, up-front access to all of your insurance-backed protection. No deductible, no reimbursement, no waiting on a verdict. Your Self-Defense SHIELD benefit will be your deep pockets when you need it most.

  • Is my spouse or family covered by my membership?

    Yes. Your Self-Defense SHIELD protects your spouse, relatives and anyone under the age of 21 in your care, in your home and on your residential property. If your spouse carries regularly, they can arm themselves even further with the complete protection of USCCA. The good news is, your spouse can get the same protection you trust for ONLY $47 today (at the Gold, Platinum, and Elite levels only). You can take advantage of this discount anytime through your USCCA Member Dashboard, or by calling our Wisconsin-Based USCCA Team at 1-877-677-1919.

  • Do I need a permit in order to be covered?

    No. Joining the USCCA does not require you to have a concealed carry permit. Your Self-Defense SHIELD protects acts of self-defense inside and outside the home, with any weapon of opportunity.

  • Does my membership only cover the use of a handgun?

    No, your Self-Defense SHIELD covers the legal use of any weapon of opportunity. This means handguns, shotguns, or rifles, as well as other defensive tools like knives, tasers, bats, and pepper spray.

  • Am I able to choose my own attorney?

    Yes. It’s very important to us that you’re comfortable with the attorney who’s defending you. We’ll give you access to the USCCA Attorney Network to assist you in finding one who is reputable and reliable, but at the end of the day, choosing your criminal defense attorney is 100% your decision.

  • Am I sharing my coverage with other members?

    No, you are not sharing your coverage with other members. All members are entitled to full coverage up to the limit of their membership. Additionally, you will be covered up to that limit per occurrence, where other products only cover up to that limit per year. Your coverage is backed by United Specialty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of State National Companies, Inc., an A rated insurance company. This insurance policy designates every USCCA member as the insureds.

  • Can I read the insurance policy before I buy?

    Yes. We understand insurance isn’t something you ever hope you’ll need, but you’ll be grateful it’s there if you do. We want to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with your decision. That’s why we give you full access to our resource guide, which includes your COMPLETE coverage form. If you have further questions, we want to hear from you! Please contact our Wisconsin-based USCCA team at 877-677-1919.

  • How much coverage do I really need?

    Every self-defense situation will be different. It’s important for you to understand the risks. You may be lucky and avoid criminal charges, but that doesn’t mean the criminal you defended yourself from–or his family–won’t come after you in civil court. It’s hard to believe, but thousands of hard-working Americans fall victim to situations like this every year. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked for by relying on a broken legal system or unqualified public defender. Take the steps to safeguard your future by arming yourself with self-defense insurance.

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