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Self-Defense Legal Protection Benefits

If you have or carry a gun for self-defense, you may be able to stop one attack only to face another in court. You could be arrested, jailed or sued for protecting yourself, and clearing your name will be expensive. This is why USCCA Membership offers self-defense legal protection benefits up to $2,250,000.

Because doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you everything.

Legal & Financial Protection for Gun Owners

As a USCCA Member, your benefits will help shield you from the financial hardship of bail, lawyers’ fees, defense expenses and civil lawsuits if you’re ever forced to pull the trigger.

Help With Defense Expenses

Even a justified self-defense incident will be investigated, and you could face criminal charges. You will have to prove your actions were necessary and reasonable. And you will need a lawyer.

USCCA Members have access to up to $250,000 for legal defense expenses resulting from charges without a claim. This includes upfront funding for bail and to retain the criminal defense attorney of your choice.

Funds for Self-Defense Civil Claims Costs & Damages

USCCA legal protection benefits also provide up to $2 million in funding for defense costs and potential claims damages that you may be required to pay in connection with a civil lawsuit filed against you following a self-defense incident.

Yes, criminals and their families can sue you. And without an experienced team in your corner, they could win. Don’t risk bankruptcy or losing your home, child’s college fund or your life savings to a justice system that isn’t always just.

All USCCA Members also have 24/7/365 access to our Critical Response Team for assistance with anything and everything that happens immediately after a self-defense shooting or an incident involving any legal weapon.

Get Legal Protection for Peace of Mind

Don’t think it can’t happen to you … and don’t wait until it’s too late. Arm yourself with USCCA Membership and the concealed carry legal protection benefits you need to safeguard your future and all that you’ve worked for.

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