Trigger Mods on CCW Firearms: Legal or No? – USCCA

Legality of trigger modification for a concealed carry weapon

I would like to improve the very long trigger pull on my pocket Ruger LC9 that I carry. Locals are suggesting I do not attempt based solely on the legal issues that could arise in court using that against me if I ever had to use the weapon. Living in the gun hating state of Connecticut, should I avoid making a good gun a great one just out of fear that some prosecutor may try to use that against me?

New Remington R1

I just wanted to pass along a report on a new Remington R1-S. I love it! The trigger is too short for me and the left grip panel works loose, but that is easily corrected. However, the thing works and I recommend it!

Concealed Carry Qualifying Test Question

Does anyone know why it’s required to shoot a revolver and a semi-automatic when obtaining a gun permit in Missouri My weapon of choice is a XD-40, not a revolver.