Is the FBI Right?

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that the FBI is always right. But over the past few years, we’ve learned that the FBI, at least at the leadership level, is actually quite left-leaning and willing to bend the law in that direction. So, I’m re-titling this little essay “Is the FBI correct?”

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Statistics, your efforts to protect yourself aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit. You can find these numbers under “Percent when victims took self-protective measures” and related data sheets. The numbers are explained in charts and aren’t easy to interpret, but here’s what the FBI thinks of our efforts to defend ourselves. According to the FBI, when Americans are threatened, only one percent defend themselves with weapons, whereas 10 percent defend themselves without weapons. This chart doesn’t say whether the defensive weapon used is a knife, a gun or a baseball bat. Table 72 — “Did self-protective measures help or hurt the situation?” — reports that self-protective measures (SPM) helped in about two-thirds of reported acts of overt violence, including assault. In cases of rape, SPM helped barely half the time. In robbery, it helped slightly less than half.

The FBI goes on to say that criminals use no weapons whatsoever in most acts of violence. What are they suggesting that criminals threaten their victims with? Stuffed animals? Or does this mean that Americans are, in general, such a whiny, effete bunch that if they are approached by a man who demands their wallet, car or spouse, they simply roll over, close their eyes and begin to cry? The FBI reports that in rape and sexual attacks, as few as nine percent of perpetrators use a weapon. In robbery cases, guns and knives are prevalent two-thirds of the time. In aggravated assaults, a gun or knife is used most of the time, about 82 percent.

Maybe it would be better to take a closer look at the FBI as another over-hyped but secretly failed institution. Since its inception, it has often been proven to be little better than another bumbling bureaucracy, a bureaucracy with its own agenda. Here are a few of its finest moments:

  • The FBI spends millions investigating college athletics, but it lets Hillary Clinton’s Democratic operatives evade punishment for a multitude of crimes and misdemeanors, including destruction of evidence and giving comfort and assistance to our enemies.
  • During World War I, the FBI rounded up and jailed American citizens until those who were detained could prove they had registered for the draft.
  • Without even resorting to the meaningless request to a FISA Court that today’s official blackmailers use, J. Edgar Hoover, the cross-dressing FBI director, blackmailed presidents and spied on controversial people.
  • Director William Sessions, a former federal judge, was fired for using FBI resources for personal vacations and home improvements.
  • Because Supervisory Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst became a patriotic whistleblower, the FBI laboratory recently realized that a number of its scientific methods were little better than dropping “eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog” into a seething cauldron. Eventually, the FBI made more than 40 major reforms, but Whitehurst had to hire a lawyer to protect himself from the bureaucrats and was subsequently retired.
  • Robert Mueller, who is currently leading the expensive and bogus Russia investigation, was responsible for supervising the replacement of paper files with a new computer system. He bungled the $170 million so badly that he was forced to whimper to Congress, in the classic style of a bureaucrat hanging onto his job, that the system “was not what it should be.” In reality, it was a total failure.

If you ever doubted that your concealed carry permit was worth its weight in gold (perhaps because you’ve never yet had to defend yourself), consider that the FBI and other institutions founded to protect and serve sneer at your self-protective measures and capabilities. But when an emergency confronts you, remember that those people are, at best, seven minutes away. As for the FBI, they’ll see you in a few days, if at all, probably just in time to take credit for any crime that you may have prevented or that the local cops have actually solved.

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