I Will Not Join the Fraternity of Cowards!

The debate always seems to go the same direction: The anti-gunner demands that we give up our rights and it will be worth it if we “save one life.” At that point I always ask, “So, what is important is saving lives?”

I wait for the response. The anti-gunner always says, “Yes! We need to do everything we can to save lives.”

It is almost unfair when I counter with, “So we should restrict those items used to kill people. Regardless of the person’s right to legally use those items?”

As if on cue, the anti-gunner says something about people not having a “need” to buy an “assault weapon” or a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, or 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet.

In this particular case, an email exchange, I asked the gun control advocate, “Have you ever bought more beer or wine than you could drink at one meal? Why are you stockpiling. Just go buy it when you need it? But… Oh My God… you are driving a car to a liquor store! The combination of cars and alcohol is too volatile. We need to do something about that. Let’s ban one or both. If we can save one life it is worth impacting the rights of EVERYONE! Can you imagine if you had to fill out a form and submit to a background check (or better yet breath-alyzer test) every time you wanted to buy booze? Hey, why not? Booze kills more people than guns. It is not the idiot who chooses to drive drunk. IT IS THE BOOZE!”

He replied with the typical anti-gun response: I can’t stand on the stage of a crowded movie theater or roam through the halls of an elementary school and blast away with bottles of booze (or spit it out multiple rounds, or whatever image is weirdly comparable, if any) and take out multiple victims in a very small amount of time. Or can I?

I’d had enough and I just sort of went off. It was a stream of consciousness, that upon later review, I decided must be shared.  Here is my response to the man who said liquor and cars are less dangerous than guns:

You could, if YOU CHOOSE, drink a bunch of liquor and drive right through a group of (insert your favorite group to elicit an emotional response… nuns, kids, teachers protesting at the capital, Occupy protestors, you name it) and kill dozens. We have had mass killings with vehicles where people have died by the busload! They included a van full of teenagers selling subscriptions, an anti-Semite driving through the schoolyard of Jewish daycare center, a drunken bus driver hitting a bridge, etc. It happens. So, because some scumbag CAN walk into a school and shoot, you say we MUST restrict the rights of all. Right now any scumbag CAN drink a 30-pack and drive into a school bus, but Lefties don’t want to make it more difficult for him to do that because it will keep them from their Microbrew! And their right to drink is apparently much more important than my right to be able to defend myself.

Because 20 kids died in Connecticut, THAT ALONE makes it time to “do something?” That number of people dies every two months in Chicago, but until it was little white kids in suburban Connecticut, the media and you and all your friends didn’t say a word! The 20 deaths is a tragedy that could have been prevented. Had that brave, educated and responsible administrator been trained and armed when she ran into that hallway there is a better than 50/50 chance every single kid would be alive. There was a 100-percent chance they would die at Adam Lanza’s hand without protection. But you will not ever agree to that because you are afraid of guns. You will never agree to that because you will not admit that evil exists and YOU must be the one to stop it. You have abandoned your responsibility. You say, “Some one else should protect me.” You have abandoned your individual responsibility to care for yourself.

Tell me what would you do if a man came to rape your daughter! You would call 9-1-1 and hope someone with a gun got there in time. Then you would try to do whatever you could to protect her. But the man you would be fighting was beaten and abused by his step-father, he was jumped into a gang at age 13, he was dealing drugs by 15 and later spent five years at Felony Finishing School (state prison) where he learned that violence and intimidation will get him what he wants. Not only did he learn that, but he also had every waking moment to build his strength, to learn from watching and participating in the brutalization of others. He is a man who does not know the meaning of mercy and would not offer it to you, even if he did. I have seen these men. They are in towns smaller than yours. They are looking for their next victim. And if he hits you just once, you will sit on the floor dazed and bleeding while he does whatever he wants to your daughter. Maybe he will take her and leave before the police get there. Maybe he will just rape her and kill her. And for the rest of your life, you will think, “I wish could have done something.”

Well you can do something. But you won’t. All you will do is say, “It won’t happen to me.” But as long as criminals have cars, every neighborhood is a bad neighborhood. So, you can bet on the odds that crime is rare and hope it will never happen to you, but what you can’t do is work to take away from me the only thing that will even those odds. You say I am paranoid and living in fear. I say I am like a Boy Scout, prepared. And you are living in denial. You deny that anything bad will ever happen. Then when it does happen, you say someone should have done something. That someone is the person closest to the incident. We have created a nation of cowards who refuse to get involved; who think it is too difficult, too expensive and too time-consuming to be willing and ABLE to stand-up for ones self. Instead you tell others to care for you. You tell others to protect you. I will not join the fraternity of cowards. I will train, I will learn and I will pray I never have to put that training to use. And I will fight against anyone who tries to take that right away from me.