I Will Not Join the Fraternity of Cowards!

I Will Not Join the Fraternity of Cowards!

The debate always seems to go the same direction: The anti-gunner demands that we give up our rights and it will be worth it if we “save one life.” At that point I always ask, “So, what is important is saving lives?”

I wait for the response. The anti-gunner always says, “Yes! We need to do everything we can to save lives.”

It is almost unfair when I counter with, “So we should restrict those items used to kill people. Regardless of the person’s right to legally use those items?”

As if on cue, the anti-gunner says something about people not having a “need” to buy an “assault weapon” or a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, or 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet.

In this particular case, an email exchange, I asked the gun control advocate, “Have you ever bought more beer or wine than you could drink at one meal? Why are you stockpiling. Just go buy it when you need it? But… Oh My God… you are driving a car to a liquor store! The combination of cars and alcohol is too volatile. We need to do something about that. Let’s ban one or both. If we can save one life it is worth impacting the rights of EVERYONE! Can you imagine if you had to fill out a form and submit to a background check (or better yet breath-alyzer test) every time you wanted to buy booze? Hey, why not? Booze kills more people than guns. It is not the idiot who chooses to drive drunk. IT IS THE BOOZE!”

He replied with the typical anti-gun response: I can’t stand on the stage of a crowded movie theater or roam through the halls of an elementary school and blast away with bottles of booze (or spit it out multiple rounds, or whatever image is weirdly comparable, if any) and take out multiple victims in a very small amount of time. Or can I?

I’d had enough and I just sort of went off. It was a stream of consciousness, that upon later review, I decided must be shared.  Here is my response to the man who said liquor and cars are less dangerous than guns:

You could, if YOU CHOOSE, drink a bunch of liquor and drive right through a group of (insert your favorite group to elicit an emotional response… nuns, kids, teachers protesting at the capital, Occupy protestors, you name it) and kill dozens. We have had mass killings with vehicles where people have died by the busload! They included a van full of teenagers selling subscriptions, an anti-Semite driving through the schoolyard of Jewish daycare center, a drunken bus driver hitting a bridge, etc. It happens. So, because some scumbag CAN walk into a school and shoot, you say we MUST restrict the rights of all. Right now any scumbag CAN drink a 30-pack and drive into a school bus, but Lefties don’t want to make it more difficult for him to do that because it will keep them from their Microbrew! And their right to drink is apparently much more important than my right to be able to defend myself.

Because 20 kids died in Connecticut, THAT ALONE makes it time to “do something?” That number of people dies every two months in Chicago, but until it was little white kids in suburban Connecticut, the media and you and all your friends didn’t say a word! The 20 deaths is a tragedy that could have been prevented. Had that brave, educated and responsible administrator been trained and armed when she ran into that hallway there is a better than 50/50 chance every single kid would be alive. There was a 100-percent chance they would die at Adam Lanza’s hand without protection. But you will not ever agree to that because you are afraid of guns. You will never agree to that because you will not admit that evil exists and YOU must be the one to stop it. You have abandoned your responsibility. You say, “Some one else should protect me.” You have abandoned your individual responsibility to care for yourself.

Tell me what would you do if a man came to rape your daughter! You would call 9-1-1 and hope someone with a gun got there in time. Then you would try to do whatever you could to protect her. But the man you would be fighting was beaten and abused by his step-father, he was jumped into a gang at age 13, he was dealing drugs by 15 and later spent five years at Felony Finishing School (state prison) where he learned that violence and intimidation will get him what he wants. Not only did he learn that, but he also had every waking moment to build his strength, to learn from watching and participating in the brutalization of others. He is a man who does not know the meaning of mercy and would not offer it to you, even if he did. I have seen these men. They are in towns smaller than yours. They are looking for their next victim. And if he hits you just once, you will sit on the floor dazed and bleeding while he does whatever he wants to your daughter. Maybe he will take her and leave before the police get there. Maybe he will just rape her and kill her. And for the rest of your life, you will think, “I wish could have done something.”

Well you can do something. But you won’t. All you will do is say, “It won’t happen to me.” But as long as criminals have cars, every neighborhood is a bad neighborhood. So, you can bet on the odds that crime is rare and hope it will never happen to you, but what you can’t do is work to take away from me the only thing that will even those odds. You say I am paranoid and living in fear. I say I am like a Boy Scout, prepared. And you are living in denial. You deny that anything bad will ever happen. Then when it does happen, you say someone should have done something. That someone is the person closest to the incident. We have created a nation of cowards who refuse to get involved; who think it is too difficult, too expensive and too time-consuming to be willing and ABLE to stand-up for ones self. Instead you tell others to care for you. You tell others to protect you. I will not join the fraternity of cowards. I will train, I will learn and I will pray I never have to put that training to use. And I will fight against anyone who tries to take that right away from me.

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  1. Get ready folks! The fight is going to be on SOON. Be peeples not sheeples! Realize there are evil people running this country and they won,t be happy till we are all slaves. The above article is fantastic! Thanks

  2. The problem is that we’re trying to use logic and facts to fight emotions and ideology. You can try and use words to reason with someone who is hysterical, but often a slap is the best way to snap them out of it.

    1. KJQ is a truth seeker. Nothing is more true than the words written above – liberals are all about emotion and ideology. Emotion can easily be hidden. The premise of any argument a which they will not freely admit even after faced with the fact that their entire belief system is based on emotional reaction.

  3. Well said,we are the people we are the goverment we are the protectors of the constutition,we are the protectors of our people,P.J.

  4. when the war comes for our rights and it is comming, then all we can do is to step over their dead and useless bodies, because the goverment types shot them down in cold blood in an attempt to take over america, and turn it into another china or korea. Me I will fight and kill to keep my freedoms and not surrender them to any terrorrist group foreign or domestic.

  5. “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my (emotional) mind is made up.”

    “Take advantage of every crisis.” You can then do things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

    The “uninformed mind” is the marketplace of the liberal – not the Thinking and Reasonable.

    Common Sense does not reside in Washington DC any longer – only what wins the next Election. And, by all means, oppose Voter ID.

    The Gun Control issue is purely emotional, nothing else.

    God, please Bless America again …….. with Character, Self-Reliant, Courageous and Selfless citizens. Like those that signed the US Constitution – and who paid an extreme price for doing so.

  6. Hate today it, but the typical reply to this and other similar logical arguments is “guns are designed to kill, cars are not so you can’t compare the 2″.
    My favorite argument uses MADD. When they wanted to stop drunk driving they educated the public AND got stiff punishments for offenders. They did not want to take cars away from all drivers!!!
    We need to do the same. Educate and punish OFFENDERS!!

    1. Guns are designed with a fire pin no different than a car with a gas pedal. madd stands against drunk driving. the NRA is to safe gun handling as madd is to responsible driving. do yes you can compare the two by all means! Statistics madd would be proud to admit is education and prevention programs have lowered crime rates and reduced fatalities. The same for the NRA and sponsoring the education and safe handling of firearms. Countless lives education and prevention programs save. the NRA and madd would look at statistics of Chicago where guns have been criminalized. obviously it made things worse. your right! Cars might not be the problem. Maybe it is alcohol? Remember the history with that? So yes, madd and the NRA are both great groups that potentially have saved tons of lives. A car is no safer than a gun if the person has alcohol or drugs in their system. I would think the NRA would think the same about guns.

  7. Anti gun people see the government as their all-encompassing protector. The current administartion fosters that thinking to control EVERYONE. They would do away with the Constitutioon to make THEIR ideology a common law of the land.You cannot get a liberal socialist to understand or believe that objects do not hurt people, PEOPLE hurt people. They will never admit it or ever express it due to their slave like devotion to liberal socialism. All we can do is present all of the facts as strong ly and as openly as possible for the remainder of the nation to understand, and defend their rights as the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration and the Constitution.

  8. We could win this battle and still lose the war. With all the anti gun propaganda and the liberal media in full support because it is news and they just keep waving it in our face. Indoctrination of our children in our schools is only steering our youth away from American traditions and replacing it with “we are the world” mindset. They will try to prevent homeschooling very shortly because they have plans for our youth and we don’t want them thinking for themselves. Voter ID laws are another scam being forced on us by a corrupt court system. It only makes sense that they now have three years to get a photo ID and rules must be enforced for every state in the next election, if there is one. Left unchecked, it is just a matter of attrition and sheer numbers will be overwhelming, we will lose our constitution and the war!

  9. Amen! I have a family, a wife, children, a father-in-law battling cancer unable to defend himself against even his grand-daughter. My biggest fear? My children being somewhere without me to defend them. Dad carries, my wife is looking into carrying and hopefully if the Lord prolongs his return my children will be responsibly carrying when they come of age.

  10. This article is completely in line with my thinking. Focusing on removing guns is the wrong tactic. We need to work on the CAUSE of the problem, not a symptom of a problem. Here is an excerpt of an email I sent to one of my anti-gun rights elected officials:

    My reasons for the above are the homicide rates in larger metro areas
    wherein the majority of the victims and assailants have prior arrest
    records. For example, on NYPD’s website (link below), which includes
    yearly homicide stats, in 2010 75% of homicide victims and 84% of the
    suspects had prior arrest/conviction records. Suspects had an AVERAGE of
    seven prior arrests and/or convictions, 18% were confirmed gang members,
    30% were on probation, parole, or had a warrant out for their arrest.
    Getting these people off the streets (in another way besides having them
    kill each other) will reduce overall crime as well as the homicide rates.
    A “catch and release” program applies well to fishing, but it is not fair
    to our police officers who put their lives on the line each day to catch
    these criminals, only to have them released back out into the streets by
    the courts. It is also not fair to society.

    The current thinking of some anti-gun rights activists seems to say that
    by getting guns off the street, lives will be saved. I’ve heard President
    Obama say that if it saves one life, it’s worth it. Gary Kleck, a
    criminologist at Florida State University, states that guns are used in
    personal defense 2.5 million times a year, while FBI stats have a lower
    number of 1.5 million. So, if 1.5 million people a year use a gun in a
    personal defense situation each year, how many lives have been saved (of
    both victims AND assailants)? We may never know the number, thank
    goodness, but we all know that often the potential was there for people to
    have been killed or to have suffered grievous bodily harm. Just the
    deterrent effect of guns is huge. Unfortunately, we do not see these most
    of these personal defense stories in the mainstream national media.

    You’ve heard the saying about robbing Peter to pay Paul? Well, I feel that
    those who want to take gun rights away from law-abiding American citizens
    are saying we will let Peter die so that Paul may live. I do not believe
    that anyone has the right to make that choice for me, or anyone else for
    that matter…not here in America. These individual personal defense
    situations may not have the emotional impact of a big shooting such as
    Columbine or Newtown, but the potential homicide victims would be just as
    dead if they hadn’t had guns for personal defense.



  12. As long as there exist over 38 Al Qaida training camps in our country, we cannot nor will not disarm!
    As long as open borders exist, we cannot disarm.

    Its your choice. Defend or surrender.

    Thanks for your posting .

  13. The Entitled Generation, take discipline out of the hands of parents and schools, take responsiblilities from our children, teach them everyone owes them. We have allowed the govenment to put out childrens’ heads in the sand. Let them teach the last couple generations of parents how to coddle their children.

  14. Why are the arguments always put in the extremes? I have a deer rifle that I use for hunting. I do not have it for home defense and it is in a place where it would be useless for that even in the EXTREMELY remote chance it would ever be needed for that purpose. Secondly, I do not subscribe to the slippery slope arguments that the ultimate intent is to disarm the public. I don’t care that people choose to apply for conceal and carry permits. At the same time I don’t actually feel safer because some people are packing. I also believe that the public is right to be concerned about violence involving guns. The way I see it is this. It may not be this time or even the next time that there will be restrictions of some type put on gun ownership, but sometime it WILL happen because of public pressure. I have two choices. First, I can stake out extreme positions on gun regulation or, second, I can participate in the decision making process by offering and supporting common sense measures on those regulations that preserves my right to continue to use my rifle for hunting and target shooting. I choose the latter position because I want to be part of a solution that satisfies the public’s objectives while preserving my rights. And, in truth there are a great many things that can be done to control the violence that do not involve doing anything at all about guns. It is those things that must be advocated without rancor and maybe most of the gun regs will not be enacted. Even if they are, my voice would be heard instead my being ignored as a diehard

    1. You enjoy hunting and target shooting? You think that just because you and your weapon of choice don’t happen to be included in any current proposed ban that all is well? You think that your bolt action deer rifle is all the gun anyone should ever want or need? Guess what? You don’t get to decide what kind of firearms the rest of us should possess based on your own personal preference. You can choose not to have a ready defense weapon in your home, that’s your choice. I think it’s foolish to believe that bad things will only happen to other people. I DO believe the ultimate liberal goal is to disarm the public and they have proven that by all of the current infringements on a right that was meant NOT to be infringed. I also believe that concealed carry reduces violent crime and every state that has adopted it has shown this to be true. You are of course entitled NOT to carry if that’s your wish.
      Some of us look for REAL solutions to the problem of gun violence, not the grandstanding that goes with trying to ban a style of rifle for it’s looks. A “scary deadly” type of weapon that is only responsible for about TWO PERCENT of our gun deaths.
      Stop the criminals from getting illegal guns, but don’t try to take mine.

    2. The first thing you need to do is read and study the Constitution and its amendments.

      1. Elected officials all take an oath to protect our constitution, but most have never read it. Know what it says, so you can discuss from facts, not opinions.

    3. You may not subscribe to the “slippery slope” arguments, but that doesn’t mean the slope doesn’t exist. Go youtube Feinstein confiscation and then tell me there is no slope.

      It’s attitudes like this that continually let us move down the slope. Remember the purpose of the Rights and the Rule of Law is to protect the minority from the majority. Just because there is “public pressure” doesn’t mean you should bow down before it.

    4. Buckwheat, you have missed the point. The second amendment is not about your right to hunt deer. It was intended to make sure the government behaves itself. It was intended to make sure that the government STAYS “by the people, for the people”, not for the government by the government. Who polices the police? PS: Your “deer rifle” has the potential to be more dangerous than the AR15. Please do not make the same mistake that so many others are making, namely that all those people up on capital hill only have your best interests at heart. They don’t. As a citizen, you have an obligation to yourself and this country to defend the constitution. How can you do any less?

    5. “Common Sense Gun Control Measures” is an oxymoron.

  15. Agreed the president and others in his corner might have the money to hire guns for their protection, what about everyone else. He has everything he needs without sacrifice to himself.

  16. Very good points, Kevin. I commend you for your patience with this person. You may or may not have helped this person to a more fair minded consideration of concealed carry, but at the very least you were able to sharpen your thoughts and share them with all of us.

    The anti self defense crowd’s fall back position is that objects with the potential for misuse (i.e. pistols) are inherently evil. Once you strip away this fallacy, all that remains is pointless “stat and fact” regurgitation which is meaningless on it’s own.

    Yet even after the vomit of unsupported, conclusionless percentages subsides, you still have to put up with the “statement of platitudes” phase which is lacking in any sort of reason.

    It is at this point that a thinking man will see how ridiculous his statements are becoming and slowly begins to reconsider his position. Sadly only the softer anti self defense people qualify as thinking individuals.

  17. I think we should do a different approch. Instead of asking the good people with gun to give them up lets ask the bad criminals with gun to give up theres so the good people can go on useing theres for hunting and protecting there families.

  18. What a hell of a well written, well spoken article.
    We all need to use this basis and calm rhetoric when discussing fun rights with the Anti’s.
    The only thing I will add to this is that having survived two attempted home invasions had I not had a firearm on me or within arms reach I and my sons woul not be here today!!
    Thank You Sir for you calm and eloquently spoken article.

  19. Sorry fun should be gun, I hate auto correct sometimes.

  20. Am already a sunscriber! Reall enjoy the notifications!

  21. The really messed up thing is…this has very little to do with guns. This whole debacle is about carving, a small (hopefully unnoticed) piece off of the constitution. This is a calculated, devious, insidious effort to expunge all (repeat all) our inalienable, God given rights until we are just sheep. The picture with this story isn’t politicians, it represents the American public with our heads in the sand, bent over and ready to take it where the sun don’t shine.

  22. I own and us guns but I do not believe it is a right that any one no matter how misguided uninformed possibly impaired alcohol drugs what ever should have access to assault weapons, the policeman walking the beat does not carry these weapons the people that wrote the 2nd amendment had no idea what weapons of today would be dont outlaw guns but we must control what weapons are not ok ,ex tanks f 16s machine guns bazookas etc.

    1. you are very naive to think that civilians do not own tanks and fighter jets… The U.S. Govt sells the outdated models in surplus auctions, you just need enough money to purchase them. Furthermore, you must also realize that while the “beat cops” you speak of do not walk the streets with “assault” rifles (remember assault is a verb, not a noun) their counterparts all carry them in the trunks of their patrol cars. The first infringement upon our second amendment was committed in 1938, when the U.S. Supreme courts ruled that civilians should not be allowed to own AUTOMATIC weapons. This ruling was in response to the St. Valentines day massacre where CRIMINALS who were dressed in police uniforms killed their victims using mostly Thompson .45 sub machine guns. A law abiding citizen CANNOT OWN A MACHINE GUN without a BATFE PERMIT. The second amendment was put into place so that we, The American People would have the means and ability to remove/overthrow a corrupt/tyrannical govt, not unlike the one in place today. Please pick up a history book and review what has happened in nearly every country where the government has disarmed its citizens.

    2. The guns that our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the Bill of Rights were the military weapons on the day. The modern sporting rifles are semi-automatic civilian versions of today’s military weapons. Firearms, like every other product we use has evolved and improved over the years. Why would you want to use an antiquated, inferior version of any product? Are you aware that the DEADLY “assault weapons” you hope to ban are medium powered rifles, that are far less powerful than many other calibers used for hunting? Are you further aware that ALL rifles account for about 4% of all gun deaths? The scary black variety you fear is a subset of those rifles, and account for maybe 2% of all gun deaths. TWO. If you want to reduce gun violence, take steps to crush the gangs in our cities, and to stop the flow of illegal weapons by getting tough on straw buyers who feed them their weapons. Banning certain guns or magazines will have NO effect on anything.

  23. As a retired Marine, I love my guns and no one will take them away from me just because humans always attack what they are afraid of! Someone told me the other day that I didn’t need my Bushmaster. I told them they didn’t need those golf clubs or that Hummer they were driving either. But to them that was not the same arguement! But it really is. I enjoy shooting and have every right to pursue my happiness, and that entails guns, ammo, and paper targets! Just because no one has committed mass murder with a golf club yet, doesn’t mean something as odd as that will not happen! People will kill with whatever they have available! And you will never stop that! That is why we have cops and military! The only reason they are acting this way is because it happened to kids, for which I am very sorry, and in a large number. Kind of like when a plane crashes. Everyone freaks out! But what they don’t think about is that everyday, more people die EVERYDAY in this country by car accidents than flying! But we still have cars, we still have golf clubs, and we still have rights. Now buying ammo today, that is another story! I saw a box of 100 rounds of .45 ACP at a hunting show yesterday selling for 100.00 a box! That is staggering and unsat! But that is the way they will take away our guns, is by making ammo go away!

  24. The people that wrote the constitution and the bill of rights didnt have any idea what the weapons of today are like, nor did they know we would have things like email and telephones, but those types of communication are protected speech. It doesnt matter what the technology is, its protected! Whatever the mode of speech, whatever the “arms” of the time period our constitution protects it.

    1. It’s protected until obama finds a way to make it unprotected and he seems to be well on his way with the ACLU and the PC Police. e-mails are read and phones tapped so excuse me if I don’t think any of our Amendments are safe and that include #22. This bully would love a few more terms – God forbid.


  26. Great. person said what’s on their mind alright. why not just stick with statistical facts? Like places where criminalization takes place. crime rates always rise. it is criminal for certain guns in Chicago. crime rates rose. California and New York criminalized guns down to 10 rounds or a bullet button. crime rates rose. California posts street signs warning of immoral immigrants crossing. that statistic rose. criminalising something will raise crime rates. statistical fact. education and prevention programs statistically proven to reduce crime rates and long term costs tax payers much less than criminalising something. I would stick with the facts over a rant between two people. laws are made from past statistics. politicians who go against those statistics and pass legislation based off mass media hype. should just resign. they’ll get voted out of office. just like statistics show in the past.

  27. We need this sent to every Congressman in the White House and as mandatory reading, not by their staffers, but give them a test after reading it and if they don’t get a 100%, then they don’t get paid for this month.

  28. The picture looks like the officals in Chicago, where you can’t own a gun. Why is it they have so many shootings? I guess they are sure if they ban the large cap mags and semi-auto weapons their shooting will decrease.

  29. Very good discussion. I carry, but not always. Never have had a need to draw my gun. I hope to NEVER have a situation occur where I have to draw my gun. But, If I do, I’ll not hesitate to draw it and if necessary, I WILL use it! And I will work to support and defend the 2nd amendment.

  30. I to shall defend my home,an family. I to severed my country, Why should we let the people in congress, change anything. STAND UP AN FIGHT.!!!!!

  31. A-fricking-men. 100% spot on, Kevin. Thank goodness there are other people who are unphased by the mass media hysteria and actually embrace LOGIC in this so-called debate.

    This post sums up EXACTLY how I feel about this whole unnecessary ordeal. It really is about personal responsibility and how the U.S. citizen’s entitlement mentality has eroded it to the point of anemia. The idea that the police and government should be responsible for us is an utterly repulsive idea to me. I do NOT want the government’s help nor anyone to tell me how I should live, what to think, or how to behave. The time for PC nonsense is over. I will pay my taxes, otherwise, LEAVE ME ALONE.

    I will make a deal with all of the anti-gunners out there. When the police, armed forces and criminals all give up their guns, I will, too. You have my word.

  32. i think as long as this world has been , man has killed inncent people just because there easy prey, because crimmnals, rapest, muders, and people that just get enjoyment killing, this is all they have on there mind.there not normal, and our laws let them go free, to repeat it over, if we lived in a perfect world we wouldn’t need weapons, but we dont , citizen,are not like public officals, we dont have protection from some one who wants to harm us or our familys and the police will never get there in time, the only ones we can count on is our selfs, i wish i didn;t have to carry ,but if some thing does happen i want to be prepared

  33. I wish I could speak that way. I agree with everything you said. Keep on, if not for yourself, but for all of us.

  34. Golf clubs, we need to lock them up.

    I support a womans right to choose. Sig? Glock? Maybe a Ruger?

  35. One should question why the government needs, in addition to their usual supply, 1.4 billion rounds of ammo.

  36. You really have to read this. I’d like to send it to my local news paper. (yeah, we still have one in Broomfield CO).

  37. I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor a fear monger. I am pragmatic, I am a 20 year veteran of the US Army with operations in almost two dozen countries. I have seen the best and the worst the world has to offer. I am at the point where I am truly questioning what the hell is going on. I am also amazed at those who say, given the ongoing gun debate, that 1) No one is trying to take away guns and 2) You can’t compare what happened under Hitler and Stalin to what could happen here in the US–it could never happen here. WRONG! There is an ongoing and incremental attempt to get rid of all guns by political decision makers that think they know best. It is just politically untenable to go after all guns right now, especially handguns–even though handguns are used far more often in violent crimes than “assault weapons”; so the politicos, wanting to appear as though they are doing something to protect their constituency, make a conscious effort to go after the evil looking long guns first. As for those who say it can’t happen here–it already has!! Look at two things. First is what happened after Hurricane Katrina. An overt activity supported by the elected admininstration of New Orleans, and implemented by law enforcement, federalized National Guard units and contract security companies like Blackwater was operationalized. These entities went door to door and actively disarmed not just scumbags and criminals but also law abiding citizens. They did not discriminate between those who would do others harm and those whose only desire was to protect their property and families in time of civil unrest–this was done through the use of force. Secondly, we must look at the routine rehearsal of Operation Garden Plot in population centers like Miami, Houston, and LA. This operational plan lays the foundation for military forces and local law enforcement to work hand in hand to put down any perceived civil disturbance, including a public resistance to any government direction to turn in firearms. Operation Garden Plot (google it) is a Dept of Defense plan that has been in existance and rehearsed since the civil unrest of the 60s and it operationalizes how the National Command Authority and Federal, State and Local law enforcement will collaborate and work together to control the US population in the event of a declared national emergency or threat. Posse Commitatus ceases to exist. The framework is already there, it has been rehearsed, there is precendent. I’m not saying the black helicopters are going to come in the night, but there is enough information out there that should cause us to question things and be concerned about actions initiated by those who have authority but may not have the best interests of you and me at heart. Incremental initiatives can become significant over time. We have to guard and protect our rights or we will lose them. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to ask questions.

  38. More people in this country are killed by Alcohol than anything else, however we all know that prohibition isn’t going to happen again. It was an abysmal failure the first time. Guns aren’t the problem. Idiots and criminals are. FIX our legal system. simply slapping criminals on the wrist isn’t a cure and it never was. Why do prisons baby prisonerrs? They have better tv, health care, exercise rooms than most of us can afford. Some prisoners have better rooms than any of us could afford, like Martha Steward. There was nexcuse for the way she was allowed bo be in prison or for the way she was treated. Prisons are supposed to treat all prisoners the same depending upon their actions in prison. That doesn’t mean that one can go to prison and throw a fit because they are depressed, and expect themselves to be treated like the sacred ox. They also shouldn’t be treated the way they are in some states, like California. Most of them there live better than the poor , the seniors, or the disabled. That is Wrong. What happened to prisons encouraging people to become better citizens? People that want to use a gun in the commission of a crime should expect to have NO rights, not more than the rest of is.

  39. Here is proof of what you were talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrollton,_Kentucky_bus_collision. A drunk driver by the name of Larry Mahoney was driving on the wrong side of a highway and ran into the front of a church bus of kids returning from a trip. The wreck resulted in the death of 27 people and injured 34 of 67 passengers. This is proof that a drunk driver can do more damage than someone armed to the heels with assault weapons in a movie theater (Aurora, CO) and a school full of kids (Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc.). Now what can their argument be?

  40. Larry
    We need to continue to demand that congress work on the debt and less spending and let the people take care of their own protection.

  41. giving up our rights to bear arms should never be a discussing by the goverment they are steeling our rights every day and we need to take back our country by voteing out the asss holes.

  42. Well now. Bu’Whea’ don’t “Believe” in the “Slippery Slope” theory of the fall of civilizations. Well, now. I feel SOOOO much better. Even though it’s happened a couple dozen times throughout history, leading to what was basically an “Extinction-Level Event” for those individual cultures, we’re talking about America here, aren’t we ? I guess we all just KNOW it can’t happen Here. Sheesh. Look. A government. ANY government, attempting to take control of the weapons in the hands of civilians, is a government enroute to courtyard balcony of dictatorship. No. I am NOT just a pessimist.(I admit being one about many things, but it is observation of my fellow citizen that leads to That). Crime happens. Lets catch and punish those that seek to harm fellow citizens in order to satisfy some twisted personal desire. Attempting to prevent S from hitting the F by Controlling guns, is just an attempt to use some personal theory to Control your fellow being. Immoral, IMMORAL, and, oh yeah, I-M-M-O-R-A-L.Raise a new generation to appreciate Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility by Eliminating them ? Sorry. I’m allergic to those nuts.

  43. I think what offends me is the hate and rage I have read here. It is not surprising that the control people are scared. If I believed half of what was written here the enemy is the American Government, whose intent is and has been to enslave it’s citizenship. This battle is going to be won by logical and reasonable citizen not raving fantics..

  44. You guys need to do your homework. And practice cursive.

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