I Don’t Love Guns. I Just LOVE What My Gun Protects…


I guess that headline isn’t 100 percent true, because I really do love guns. The point I’m trying to make here is that many people forget that the firearm is only a tool. It’s simply a means to an end. I carry a gun because it’s one of the most effective tools that I’m aware of for self-defense.

I carry a gun…

…because I’ve made the personal decision that the person who is 100 percent responsible for the safety of my loved ones is named Tim Schmidt.

I carry a gun…

…because I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I was ever in a situation where I couldn’t protect my wife and kids.

I carry a gun…

…because it is one of the many personal protection layers that I’ve created for myself.

I carry a gun…

…because while I expect and hope for good and perfect outcomes, I understand that evil will always exist in our world.

I carry a gun…

…because my daughter and my wife each believe that no matter what happens, her daddy and her husband will always be able to protect her.

I carry a gun…

…because I want to teach my kids that it will someday be their responsibility to protect their loved ones.

I carry a gun because I LOVE life.

I carry a gun because I am a responsibly armed citizen.

Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

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  1. i do not have license to carry but have gun in my house ready to protect my family. nj states don’t give out licenses to carry to individual people like me. like long time somebody said GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.i do not know way government making very big deal about the guns if this is ar rights to have guns so be it .

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you all aren’t allowed to carry a firearm, but there is still some hope. May I suggest getting yourself a kabar they are a extremely durable knife, and it will not fail you if things come to a unavoidable confrontation. It takes the average person 12 steps walking to pull their firearm, by that time you could either throw your knife, or rush in and stab the perpetrator.

      1. I use a S&W boot dager a bra united Cultery Dagger under my left arm and my S&W M&P 9C/40C (compacts) one in me and one in my room. Depends in the day which I want to carry. I’ll have the 45ACP AND Baby DE 2 also so yes I live my guns and what they protect!
        In CCL OR CHL CLASSES THEY TELL YOU RI CARRY A POCKET KNIFE..if ur right handed pull the knife with the left and stand at an angle where the gun is in ur right but the knife is h front if he rushes use the knife. A lot less money to spend in court. It u shoot someone self defense or not have at least $10,000 retainer for a good lawyer! Study your states gun laws! SOME HAVE OPEN CARRY LAws u can carry I ur hip like a old cowboy!

    2. the govt. doesn’t want citizens to have any means to challenge govt. control.

      apparently govt. law supercedes nature’s primary law of, “survival of the fittest”. we all have the right to defend our lives, regardless of the rhetoric constantly given by govt. to convince us otherwise.

      at 73 and handicapped, according to govt., when my life is threatened by a criminal with a gun, i am to ask the would-be murderer to wait until i can do the right thing first by calling for help dialing 911. i’m sure the criminal would comply and wait.

      1. The biggest criminals are the government, their lawmakers, courts and their police. They are the current Nazis and their gestapos. Especially those in the democratic party and the leadership of the republican party.

      2. What an awesome response. Its called self preservation

  2. I don’t carry a gun because I love it, I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me. Police protecion is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens then call someone in to clean up the mess. Personally I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take a whoopin’.

    1. I LOVE TO CARRY A GUN BECAUSE It’s my 2nd amendment right!

      1. Totally agree, our constitution set by our forefathers says we have that right here in America, and Damn proud of it

    2. About the police, I’ve come to think of them, mainly, as reporters. ‘Yes ma’am, an officer will take a report’, traffic accident? ‘we’ll take a report’.

      1. Replying to your “police are reporters” post from a few months ago…
        That is mostly correct. They are also revenue sources for the town or city or state.
        I think that’s their main job.
        I don’t dislike police, but they’re not there to help you.

      2. The thing about the Police, is not the police, but the Laws Our wonderful country has passed, that ties their hands in what they can do or how they respond. We’ve become lax in the response to evil doers to protect their rights, not those of us who abide by the laws passed and try to do the right thing. Guess the Bible talks of these days, though…..Agree?

    3. I carry gun because of my age, ‘I’m in my Golden Years and will be 80 years Old in four years, and feel the age will put me vulnerable to be taken advantage.

    4. I’m with You, Brother! It’s what made our country what it is, being able to do just that…Keep and Bare Arms…You take that power from the people and You ask for trouble. Look what happened in Denmark over the weekend……..They banned Guns years ago, but the “bad Guys’ were able to get them readily. That’s the way it is. My Cold Stiff Fingers, Brother!

  3. It seems that our president who gave an oath to support and defend the constitution is trying to gut the second amendment.

  4. It’s 3 weeks now since I completed my handgun carry training and documents forwarded to the necessary locations. I’ve been an avid shooter/hunter for years … and only recently decided to become a conceal carry responsible citizen – NOT because it’s the cool thing to do .. but the RIGHT thing to do. My wife will soon work toward the same .. as well as our 2 children and 1 daughter-in-law. I enjoy and respect guns … in that I understand what they represent. Responsibly… I’ll accept the duty and the requirements that will come with being an everyday carry citizen. Myself and my family will depend on it.

  5. I love the Right to Carrie and to Bear Arms…A given right as an American to love in sport, responsibilities,and protection….Gun Holder…41 years…

  6. I would like take the concealed carry permit. What should I look for in a company or entity that I should consider looking at before deciding where to take the class at. Also what would be the best gun for carrying concealed

    1. Hello Michael: We recommend going with a USCCA Certified Instructor in your area as our Instructors focus more on actual concealed carry. If you do not have a USCCA Certified Instructor in your area, we recommend an NRA Instructor. As far as the best gun to carry, we recommend that you visit your nearest sporting store (Gander Mountain, Cabela’s, Big Bass Pro Shop) and try out several firearms. Be sure to find something that you feel comfortable with. All firearms have a different feel with each person. Make sure that it fits your hand firmly, able to work the slides well, conceals well. The sales person at the counter should be able to assist you. I tried out over 12 handguns before I found the one that worked best for me. Good luck! Kristine, Member Service Advisor

    2. Many gun ranges will “rent by caliber” so you can actually try before you buy. I rented 9mm and shot every one of them several times before I selected the firearm that felt the best in my hand.

  7. I have a passion for guns.when I was a child my parents took me to see Santa and he asked “what would you like for Christmas?” My answer was ” a hot gun and a pocket knife”. Born and bred tomboy and still am at 55years of age. When I shop in sporting goods store the gun counter is where you will find me. Several of my purchases I haven’t had a chance to shoot.too busy working and taking care of my home and family to enjoy an intererst I’ve had since childhood. I have no evil intention with any of my purchases unlike the criminal element out there that hide I’m the shadows waiting for an opportunity to take something they have never earned. Our politicians hate people like me but cower down and defend criminals whom we have supported though welfare foodstamps and yes even free phones.

  8. I am with you. I am a 16 year military veteran and am married with 2 daughters. There is nothing on this earth more important to me than their safety. I have been trained in the Army a, but have not been through the CHL class here in Texas. I plan on attending soon. But I thoroughly appreciate your beliefs and agree fully with them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  9. I am 71 and I carry for protection. We need not be helpless just because we are getting older.

  10. I was raised with guns. 1st bb gun when I was 6,.22 rifle when I was 7 and .22 rifle at 8. Yes,I love guns but even more I respect them even as I love my family,communityy and Country.All are worth protecting.

    I have had many debates/arguements with anti-gun people but usually win (or at least they have little to say afterwards) when I ask 1 simple question. If you or a loved ones life were in danger,be it from a rapist/killer,wild/rabid/vicious animal,or any thing else you could think of,would you want me to use anything at my disposal to save them? If they say yes,then that includes the use of a firearm..And if they say no,point out that they must not truely love their “loved”ones.

  11. I carry a side arm, concealed and without a permit.
    I live in the state of Wyoming and have for 70 years. I cannot remember a time when we didn’t have a firearm within reach and that was years before we ever considered we would ever need to carry to protect ourselves and our family’s and friends from the likes of what roams our country now. Encouraged by none other than what we refer to as President of the United States of America.
    I makes me sick when a shooting happens at a school or any other place and not one person there was armed. Not one. One shot at the shooter, hit or miss, would most likely save the lives of several people and often times, children. I think it should be a law that no gathering of people, be it school, the movies, a bar, even a church, ever be held without the knowledge that there are people present that are armed and responsible citizens ready to defend those present if a circumstance come’s up. The day you leave home without your side arm is the day some nut will show up and cut loose with a fire arm and take loved ones down. These people have to know before they ever try it, that their chances of surviving the confrontation is very low. They pick out places where fire arms are forbidden. That is a clear ticket to wade in and murder whomever and know that the police are going to be the only responders. The police are an after-the-fact response. Like it has been said already. They have no power to do anything until after the first shot has been fired. And they will be several minutes away when it happens.
    Please become an armed, responsible citizen and let’s put an end to the shootings that are becoming so common place in our country today.
    Like Tim has said. Yes, you get into a situation and you are going to go through the whole nine yards of arrest and maybe even jail time and court time. But I can tell you, my friends and loved ones are worth that many times over.
    I carry a S&W Body Guard .38 sprecial with laser.

    1. I agree that the police take a long time to show up. Several months ago a motorcycle club in Albuquerque, NM was having a party when another motorcycle club from California starting shooting at the people at the party, people at the party returned fire and witnesses said the California club left in a rush to get away. When the police arrived 2 minutes after the first shots were fired, they counted over 130 shell casings on the street, sidewalks and in the yard where the party was taking place. Reports said two died and three were wounded but it could have been lots worse if people at the party had waited for the police!! By the way, the club that was attacked is made up of mostly Vietnam Vets and the club from California is a 1%er trying to move into New Mexico. They probably should have picked a fight with another 1% club instead of the club they did. But it does show that being prepared to defend yourself is a lot better than just being a target. I am a Vietnam Vet and while in the Army I qualified expert with the M-1, M-14, M-79, M-1911, M-2, M-60, 81MM, 4.2″ and 90 and 106 Recoilless Rifles and qualified Sharpshooter with the M-16. Needless to say I hated the M-16. I preferred to carry an 870 Savage 12 Ga. in the bush.

      1. Allan, thank you for your service. I only qualified with the M-16 and survival .38 Spl, but was overhead you in an OV-10 with four M-60s and twenty eight 2.75″ rockets. And the whole PACAF fighter force within radio reach if you got in a jam. Hope that gave you some comfort.
        I carry because so many people around me don’t, but should. Still a FAC at heart, I guess.

    2. I agree fully, Roger. Isn’t it ironic that virtually all the mass shootings in this country have been in posted gun-free zones? When I see the signs that say “____ BANS GUNS IN THESE PREMISES”, I just chuckle and pat my pocket. Not saying I carry, but the slight bulge in my pocket isn’t a body part that’s happy to see a pretty lady.

  12. I carry a gun because I have had one all my life. I started carrying guns to hunt with at the age of 5 with my dad. He taught be the responsibility that accompanies gun ownership and family protection. At age 13 in Ogden Utah I carried a revolver on my hip as I walked confidently through town and even in stores without fear of attack, prosecution or persecution. At age 18 I entered the military and found that without a weapon I wouldn’t last very long in combat. I returned to America and found that if I wasn’t armed I was a voluntary victim of my own making. I’ve never shot a person out of anger and don’t intend to shoot anyone now. But if I have too, I won’t run to buy one on the spur of the moment; I will have it on my person to protect my life and that of my family. It’s somewhat like living in the wilds of Alaska. If you don’t own a good weapon, you’re food for animals and bait for those who want to harm you and yours. I carry a .45 Auto. When asked, “What are you afraid of?” I can confidently answer “Nothing!”

  13. I have never been where there were no guns around. My dad was a expert hunter and guns were a necessary tool used to put food on the table. I grew up learning gun safety first then how to shoot. I have a family of my own with 8 others I would defend to death if necessary and would never harm anyone however , if the occasion arises I will use whatever means necessary to defend mine, including using a firearm. I’ve never been without a gun and never will. Guns are only a tool used primarily for food but can used for protection as a last resort.

  14. I don’t love them either, i,ve just had them in my life sense I was a child. I was raised from a young man to hunt and fish, to provide for myself, this included guns. In the 60’s I seen civil right’s moment’s that was very violent, thank god no one was killed, but the gun was a big part of it all. As I grew up the world has got more violent, way more than back then, and now more than ever we need to teach ourselves and our children how to take care of themselves and they’re loved ones. god bless

  15. hi
    it is true
    people need to proter their home and family

  16. Guns are not evil, only in the wrong hands. I have a ccw
    I don’t carry all the time, but I do when I go to bigger cities or travel I was carrying the other night and I am glad I was. A large man was starring at my wife repeatedly at a restaurant And made her uneasy until I assured her I had my 45 on my side. Didn’t end up needing it but was glad I had it because he was with two other men. It helped to remind me why I have my concealed carry.

  17. Amen to that brother. Just curious what do you carry. I myself carry a Glock 19/ 9mm.

  18. I live in New Jersey. I am not permitted to carry anything. I do carry bubblegum in my pocket, so if I’m assaulted I’ll just stick some gum up the bad guys nostrils. That ought to stop him.
    Yer bud,
    E. Pitts

    1. Hang in there brother.We will continue to fight to protect what rights you have and get back what you lossed.

    1. Mr. Robert Woytek, Perhaps you do have advanced self defense training and are able to defend yourself. However, can you defend against someone skilled with a knife? If yes, good for you. How about multiple attackers? If yes, even better. If not, you might prefer to be able to defend yourself if it should happen. Good luck with your decision.

  19. I live in North Carolina I am 56 years old.I do own a few firearms and carry one when I feel it to be necessary.I really don’t think that I will ever have to use it because the lord has been watching out for me all these years and I really don’t look for anything to change now, so, I will keep praying and hope all of you do the same, because it does make a difference.Hope to see you in church.

    1. Carry only when necessary? When is that? I carry ALL the time,it is second nature to me,billfold,keys,phone,.45 or 9mm. Simple. My son just called 10 mins ago while getting gas the station was robbed and robber’s getaway car next to our truck. SO HOW DO U KNOW when it is necessary,it is necessary ALL the time. Be AWARE,be in CODE YELLOW.It’s in this state that you’ve accepted the fact that your life may be in danger at any time and you may have to do something about it. There is no specific threat but you are alert to any possibility.

  20. I carry for all the same reasons. …I believe it is my right and responsibility to protect my loved ones and myself from the evils of this world .God forbid I would ever have to use it !!!However if itcome down to that I would and would not be afriad or hesitate. … with the intent not to take a life but to insure those that are inasent. I love life and would not want to kill …. I will however not be a victim if I can do anything about it !!!

  21. I’m an eight(8) year ARMY vet, five(5) year law enforcemet, an I really beleive that using a weapon should only be as a last resource. However protecting my loved ones is my primary goal, in my home I have several weapons and carry one at all times, but also be clear on when to use it and how to use it because when anyone decides to use it, there is no going back. I live in TX, and yes I support and beleive every responsible American should own one because it’s in our constitution (2nd. amendment).

  22. 65 Yr old Viet Vet, retired Sheriff;s Deputy, buisness owner. I just now applied for CCW in So. Calif. I have decided to apply to protect my family, and others should the need arise. I pray it never does. But, just like under water photography, which my wife and I avidly do, when the perfect shot presents itself underwater, you must have a camera, and the right lens.

    While not in the water (yes, sharks are safer than people) the people of this world are getting more dangerous, and most Law Enforcement agencies have fewer employees due to budget restraints. Therefore, I believe I need to take the next step, and be prepared to defend myself or others if needed. I pray it never happens.

    But, I always have a backup plan when diving, and now I will have a backup plan when on land.

    1. Sincere best of luck getting that CA CCW. Maybe you’ll get special consideration because you are former LEO. Here in Contra Costa county it is impossible to get one.

    2. I appreciate your analogy and it pretty much applies to my situation with my parents, especially my mother. I began a basic hand gun course with a retired SWAT officer at a gun range. I’m using BASIC Six UNDER THREAT, and I plan to get my handgun safety certificate using the HSC booklet. After just one training session and listening to the wisdom and experience of my instructor, I am convinced that it’s our moral obligation as humans to protect ourselves and loved ones, and even the poor victim who doesn’t stand a chance when threatened by a cowardly criminal, as most of them are. There’s at least one video where an elderly man with a CCW permit chases off criminal punks with guns, thus averting a potential death or injury by cowardly criminals. But does a law-abiding person even have a chance to get a CCW in the L.A. County area even if that citizen has a clean record? I heard that it’s extremely difficult to get a CCW in the L.A. County area. Besides the other reasons for obtaining a gun, the primary purpose is for my mother’s protection because she’s elderly and I think an easy target for criminals due to her physical condition. I worry about her because she was a potential target several times many years ago when she was healthy, unlike today where she needs more help getting around. She’s got high-blood pressure and can’t walk for more than a few hours because of arthritic-like conditions. She still drives and goes out though. I only have a .32 WS rifle that my father previously owned. While it’s got enough power to kill big game like bear, it’s obviously not an ideal weapon for CCW and even for defense purposes in a home-invasion situation – especially at night. I love the feel of a S&W 686 Magnum but a semi-auto gun is probably more ideal for several reasons. I’ve used both in practice sessions but the 686 just feels perfectly balanced with minimal recoil. Plus, I surprisingly got more center shots using one hand – both with the left and right hand!

  23. I have a C. C. P. but just got into a bad bike accident. Dislocated elbow and two broken forearm bones. It makes it difficult to cock my gun all the guns I own are semi automatic. Pushing the slide back is inpossable to do. My wife doesn’t like the idea of having a bullet in the chamber ready to shoot. She thinks it’s dangerous to have it in the house that way. I have a shotgun behind the bedroom door that’s ready to go but that’s only one shoot can’t load a second shell I guess if I have a good hold of it I can do it. Hand gun different story if I put it in the safe by the bed I have to fumble with the combination. It looks like its time to upgrade to a biometric safe. If I’m not mistaken they pop open by themselves and can just grab the gun and go. We do have a home alarm witch gives me some time to get things organized before any confrontation would take affect. Well I need to get a plan in effect since I’ll be laid up for at least a six to eight weeks. Open to any suggestions

  24. I am a firm believer in having guns to protect my family…i taught my children about gun safety when they were small…all of mt kids are now grown… so 4 all the nongun people… my kids survived….. my kids know how 2 use a gun safely and all are well educated up standing citizens… we luv guns, knives & swords.

  25. I do not own nor have a gun; I had a Daisy BB rifle and, had shot shot guns, hand guns, and a few riles, but I do believe in guns, ownership, and safety. I would like to own a gun but finances are low.

  26. I have a cow and have had one for more the 40yrs.i am teaching my wife to shoot and my grandsons. My sons have taught there sons to shoot. People in N.W.Ohio people think I’m crazy teaching my grandkids to respect a weapon. If my grandkids find a gun gun they’ll know what to be and hopefully save a life…

  27. i carry just in case its part of my PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

  28. I trust in God with all my heart and have had folks ask if I trust him why do I carry a gun? My response; because there are so many out there who don’t listen to The Lord. I truly believe everything I have he has supplied, this includes all my guns and the ability to protect my family with them. I pray daily for a better world and until that happens I will be carrying my 1911,s.

    1. Remember, Ronnie the will protect u, but
      He also says he will help those who help themselves.

  29. I moved n a small community unaware it was infested with drug users and drug dealers. The apartment complex has been threatned numerous times by drug dealers saying they were gonna shoot up the place if they dont get their mony from the drug addicts. Its scary.their are atleast 4 drug dealers in the area and they are always in out of the complex day and night. I applied for a permit and was approved. I live alone and ive had plenty of these dealers coming to my door asking for these addicts. Ive even had ppl knocking on my window late at nite. Ive talked to the police but its to no avail. Im looking desperately for someplace else to live. Im not gonna let nobody come in my apartment and hurt me. Now I just found out I cannot have a gun in my apartment. Last but not least I am a female thats battling cancer.


  31. I have a felony which happened 15 years ago but now I cannot own, possess or carry a gun.
    what would you suggest as a home defense?

    1. A Good Metal Ballbat and a long sharp knife, Brother!

  32. Because of health reasons, I can’t sit in class rooms for long periods of time. How can I get a concealed carry permit? I am mobile and can handle a weapon.

    1. Hello Bobby,

      You may want to search for on-line only concealed carry classes in your area. I know that some states allow this and you may be able to find something that would accomodate you.

      Thank you and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

  33. I am 57 yrs old Disabled Veteran and taking care of my 81yr old mother who refuses to be put in a nursing home since her brick home is paid for and back in the 1970s the place where I live was safe but these days theres Filthy Mouthed TRASH walking the streets at night sometimes firing guns and running away, last year I heard shots and the next day some young guy was shot in the head by another and killed him.So now I want to carry my handgun that I bought every where I go not just on me in my home.But from what Ive heard it cost $150.00 for training then your not promised until you send in your application with finger prints at another cost to State Law Enforcement Div. and hope they approve it if not you lost all your money and time only to find that street walking TRASH carry illegal “mostly stolen” concealed weapons and will murder Law abiding persons like us! I never want to kill anyone but some of the FILTHY MOUTHED HOODRATS that illegally carry stolen guns with there pants down around there knees WILL KILL YOU and you better have a fighting chance! My younger brother was murdered by 2 drug users in 1989 one of them was a young female TRAMP who had the gun hidden in the front of her pants she fired the first shot and her BF got the gun and continued to empty it at my little brother who was a high ranking Police Officer and it was a simple traffic stop he had stopped them on when he found drugs and that cost him his life he was 29 yrs old. I want to carry ether way consealed or open carry and licensed .

  34. Hey Tim ,Loved your article. Thanks. My thought of the day is a message out to the anti-gun activists.They enjoy all the freedoms that this great country has to offer but continue to miss the big picture that is present. Our great nations military is without question the greatest in the world.This all starts at ground zero with our soldiers. These soldiers are all American boys raised in a gun rich culture.They are taught at an early age with firearms safety and proficientcy used to master the skills used in hunting. By the time that they reach the age of 18yrs. old firearm skills have already been mastered. The military then takes these men and polishes them to a lustorious shine that clearly shows up in the battlefield. Without guns in our culture we would become a weak and pacifist country with disasterous results. Firearms in our country and culture is clearly the hub that turns the wheel.God bless the Free country of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

  35. I’m an Iraqi FREEDOM II Veteran and I’ve been around weapons all my life. I’m also a disabled Veteran. M wife is just too complacent and think that just because we live in the suburbs, we are free from violence no crime. I’m tired of being blamed for wanting to protect my family. Even with all type crimes being broadcast on the News daily, she still think that it can’t & won’t happen to us. I just hope I never prove her wrong. In the mean time, I will continue to carry and protect! Some people, you marry me for who I am, but blame me for being me!

  36. I am a conceal carry holder, I am beyond grateful to be in a state where I can. I carry every day because so many others don’t, I shoot every weekend, and since have brought my wife along, as soon as my daughter is old enough she will know and have respect for our 2 amendment right.
    I carry a Springfield xd9 sub compact, And my wife shoots a keltech 9mm sub.

  37. I carry a gun because cops are too heavy


  39. I heartily agree with all the pro gun comments, yet I believe that, more importantly, Thomas Jefferson said that an armed citizenry assures a non tyrannical (sic) government. My words, not his.

    1. The whole purpose and intention of the 2nd Amendment is for the people and individuals is the ability to defend themselves against a tyrranical governnent and overthrow them both domestic and foreign enemies. It is not for self defense but to be able to engage in war against them and their forces like their police. This government both states and federal are the domestic enemies with their illegal gun laws. All gun laws are illegal in the eyes of the founding fathers and the 2nd Amendment no matter what the crooks in the supreme court, courts, lawmakers and their police say and enforce.

  40. I’m a decendent of the hughuenots and still believe in there fight. my grandfather, uncles, dad made sure I new how to use any fire arm and hunt. I have the right to cary both in kansas and now in tenessee where We have retired to. Can any one tell me where the illegals are in this country ready to kill and take, don’t believe that? well you better. Once said; IN MY COLD DEAD HANDS,

  41. I read a post that pretty much says it all…
    “So you think criminals are going to obey gun control laws?

    Your a Special Kinda Stupid aren’t You.

    1. I am so stupid that I believe that it’s so easy to get weapons,that just about all criminals(illegals and run of the mill)have or will
      have them!

  42. I carry because 1: I have two of the most beautiful girls 12 and 8 and I’ll be damned if anyone is gonna hurt them.
    2: in my area cops are being shot so if criminals don’t mind shooting a cop then me and my girls arnt nothing.
    And 3: I never ever want to be in the position where I could of saved a life if only I carried a gun.
    I pray I never have to use it but I’d rather pray for that then pray I had one in the event I need it.

  43. I am retired from the US Army and a 1968 Viet-Nam Veteran. I am 66 yrs old and I am 100% disabled My doctors say if I don’t do what they tell me I can become paralyzed for the rest of my life. It is just my wife and myself left at home anymore, all our kids are grown and have their own families. I carry a 380 Rugger by choice because it is my favorite of all my weapons. I can put 7 shots into a 3″ shot pattern at 20 meters, so I have not lost all my shooting skills. I still shake a lot though.But I would rather take a shot at someone then take the chance of becoming paralyzed for the rest of my life.

  44. I have had a gun since 1960 and now they want to take it away I don’t think so …
    My guns feeds and pro text. Me they don’t want to try to take that way from me

  45. If we don’t portect or family’s who is !! At the rate city government is going there won’t be any police!! Everything is running a muck!! This is my home and I well stand up for it!!

  46. I am going to get my CCL in the near future. I am caregiver to my parents. Dad is 89, and Mom is 84 and where we live has changed a lot since I have moved here. Used to be a nice neighborhood. Now since I have been here we have been robbed 5 times for misc. things. Whoever it is treats our property like a personal flea market. i called the police each time and they did nothing and said there was nothing they could do, and said it was going to happen due to the economy. Suspiciuos looking people constantly walking up and down the street as if they are seeing what we have. And there have been an increase in home invasions going on in this little country town. I feel it is time to protect those most important and dear to me. And protect what little we have left. I feel its my right to do so. I have purchased a couple firearms recently and plan on taking the courses needed.


  48. I will be 70 in September and have had my concealed carry for two months now. My reason for such is that I live right on the Mexican border here in Terlingua. Also, I work as a land scaper and have a bit of a problem with rattlers, hence the gun. Crime here is less than minimal as we have to great deputy sheriffs. So, my gun gives me and my wife, also 70, peace of mind at work and play.

  49. As a husband, parent, and pastor I support all my decisions biblically. The bible says in 1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

    Many see this as exclusive to food, shelter, and clothing. But what about the far greater necessities of love, affection, discipline, direction and, of course, protection. One of the added ways to protect my family is the arm myself with the best means necessary to ensure I can be obedient to God’s word.

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