Hero Concealment Holsters—Quality Made by Heroic Hands

Hero Concealment Holsters—Quality Made by Heroic Hands

Unfortunately in today’s society, there are a lot of people who are looked up to as “heroes.” While the majority of them really haven’t done anything truly heroic, there are a few who have.

One truly heroic man is the owner and founder of Hero Holsters: Brandon Moore. Brandon was a deputy sheriff and detective with the Morrow County Ohio Sheriff’s Office for a number of years. Fortunately for Brandon, he has a strong faith in God and a love of shooting that motivated him to become extremely proficient with his handgun. These two factors were to save his life in October 2010 when he encountered an outdoor marijuana grow and an enraged grower during a minor neighborhood dispute.

Almost immediately after spotting the grow, Brandon heard rifle fire aimed at his direction, and was struck by 5.56mm bullets fired from the grower’s AR-15. The first round tore through his scrotum. The second penetrated his body armor and shattered a rib on his left side. Rib fragments ripped open his spleen and he was bleeding internally.

The third tore across his left foot, breaking and destroying the metatarsals. The fourth impacted his left femur above the knee and halfway severed his leg. As he fell to the ground, Brandon drew his Smith and Wesson M&P 40.

Brandon returned fire from behind the front wheels of his car. From 64 yards, shooting from a right-hand rollover prone position and holding his scrotum with his left to stop the bleeding, Brandon returned fire. The first .40 caliber round hit the grower’s body armor. Brandon’s rounds chewed the bones in the right leg to dust, and blew the heel and tendons off the left foot, ending the fight. Backup and medical aid soon arrived, saving Brandon’s life. After many surgeries, Brandon was able to return to duty. Soon after, Brandon realized that the permanence of his injuries prohibited him from being able to effectively back up his fellow deputies on the road. He decided to retire.

Brandon has a new career that combines his love of the shooting sports and his support of the Second Amendment: designing and making concealment holsters. Brandon’s holster line consists of Kydex scabbards riveted onto cowhide backing in the popular inside-the-waistband “tuckable” style. The metal belt clips on the cowhide backing allow the holster to be positioned between the wearer’s underwear and the waistband of their pants. The shirt can be tucked in over the gun and holster between the belt clips and the cowhide backing for total concealment. The Kydex scabbard, molded precisely to the gun, holds it in place.

Brandon uses thicker Kydex than some manufacturers for extra strength and there are extra holes below the mounted position of the clips to allow for repositioning for individualized comfort.

The overall craftsmanship is second to none. It fits my Glock 32 like a glove and is quite comfortable, even with a gun this size.

Brandon currently makes his IWB holsters for full-size, compact, and subcompact pistols. What is incredible is that these handcrafted beauties are priced at only $50. He also makes a pink leather version for the ladies.

Brandon’s heroism lies not only in his incredible feat of arms, but also in the fact that Brandon remains true to his commitment to the Constitution and the citizens he served. Keep him in mind when looking for a holster. You can find out more about him and the shooting on his website, www.heroholsters.com.

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