“Hard Cases…”

There’s an old legal saying, “Hard cases make bad law,” which means, essentially, that the more emotion-laden the crime, the more likely that legislative reactions to such incidents will be ineffective — even counterproductive.

And nothing tugs at the heartstrings like dead children. The Parkland, Florida, shooting is a perfect example. The bodies of the 17 mostly young victims were literally still warm when local and national politicians began running to the microphones.

Did any of these opportunists suggest looking at anything that might actually protect kids, like the highly successful “Israeli model,” which includes arming teachers and staff at schools, limiting access and employing high-tech surveillance? Of course not. Just the same tired old canards of “universal background checks” and “assault weapons” bans.

Why should you care? Because in addition to the normal emotional element that is inherent in any incident where innocent victims are involved, this year is an election year. And the war on guns will definitely heat up as election day approaches.

For one thing, the mainstream media has always been covertly anti-2nd Amendment. But high-profile shootings allow them to become much more openly hostile to your rights. Even the late-night comedy hosts have jumped full-bore into the discussion.

Then there is social media. Unlike the “old days” when newspapers and then TV were the main sources of information, today platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now the primary vehicles for receiving information. The most outrageously false “statistics,” as well as downright violent comments against innocent gun owners, are spread far and wide at the speed of light.

Do not underestimate the “lemming” effect of such constant repetition of the same disinformation. Propaganda experts will tell you that if you tell the same lie over and over again, it eventually begins to take on a life of its own.

Look at how, in spite of our best efforts, the relentless use of the term “assault weapon” has allowed it to become an accepted term. And look how many times that Congressmen or Senators still use the term “automatic weapons” inaccurately … and get away with it.

One of the things making this assault possible is that an astonishing segment of the viewing public still thinks that major news outlets are objective “reporters” and tend to believe what they are told by the “talking heads” they watch every night.

For example, most CNN viewers have no idea that a high-profile TV anchor like Chris Cuomo is the son of former New York Governor, Democrat Mario Cuomo, and the brother of the current New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The anti-2nd Amendment cartel (and it IS a cartel) has also been carefully remaking their message. “Gun control? Oh, heavens, no. No one wants to take your guns.” Instead, they “simply support common-sense gun-safety measures” — who could be against that? And, of course, it’s “for the children.”

OK, if you’re reading this column, you’re very likely not going to be fooled. But a disturbing number of your fellow citizens will be. It’s essential that you and I and every like-minded voter you know gets off our collective rear-ends and makes it to the polls in November.

Mid-term elections have historically low voter turnout, so your vote counts more than ever. Make no mistake, gun-control fanatics will be turning out in large numbers. We had all better do the same. Apathy should never be an option, even more so this time.

No excuses. VOTE.

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