For The Love of Holsters

Who reading this has more than one holster for the same gun? My hand is up.  I am guilty of buying  holsters on impulse. But I justify each purchase by claiming that I am looking for something specific: comfort, security, concealment, color. Even though I know that no holster I buy will be perfect, I also know that the next holster I buy will  solve the problem I had (or thought I had) at the time I decided to buy the holster.

I have ALL sorts of holsters: leather, Kydex, paddle, belt slide, IWB, OWB. The only thing I don’t have is a shoulder holster, because I strongly believe in the mantra of “same gun, same place, every time.” And I’m a strong-side hip carry sort of person.

Each holster was purchased for a specific reason and for the specific qualities the holster offered.  While no single holster has been perfect, each has brought something to the party and I’ve used each one depending on the circumstances and demands of the situation.  That type of variety is very a good idea. Of course you understand the wide variety of jobs a holster has. It must protect and conceal the firearm while at the same time allowing quick access to the pistol in times of emergency. Some holsters are better than others at some of these elements. Depending on your situation, you should select the holster that best serves your needs.

Perhaps you need almost total concealment in a place where casual clothing just won’t cut it, like church. In such a case, a nice IWB tuckable holster will allow you to cover the pistol with your tucked in dress shirt, thus being prepared but discrete at the same time. The Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster in once situation I occasionally face: working in plain clothes for my local police agency. This doesn’t happen often, but when I am called on to work in plain clothes, I like the retention offered by the Reflex and the automatic locking feature when I return the pistol to the holster. The Reflex gives me the double bonus of operating exactly the same way as my Uncle Mike’s Level III duty holster.

I can’t even say I have a favorite among all the holsters I own. And, quite honestly, I own some because they just look great. I’m the kind of guy who just can’t pass up a great-looking hardworking  holster if I think I have a need for it. Yes, they are impulse purchases but they are not made without some thought. The reality is, I know that each holster will require that I train to fully understand the nuances of each. Because I practice the same style of carry (strong-side hip) much of the same rules apply. But I still make it my business to know what I’m doing with each holster before I strap up for real. I use a Rings Blue Gun for mechanics and in-home dry practice and make sure I put in range time as well.

So, celebrate the diversity of your holster box. There is a lot in there to be proud of and, if you are like me, a holster is so important you can’t just have one.

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