Follow-Through Improves Your Shooting

In just about every physical activity, follow-through improves your performance. The same is true of shooting. When training on the firing line, you should focus on achieving the best form, repeatedly, until it becomes so engrained that you do it without thinking. This is what sports trainers call “muscle memory.”

Follow-through when shooting a pistol works like this: When you press the trigger, hold it all the way to the rear through the recoil. Re-establish the sight picture on the target by focusing on the front sight and then release the trigger only to the reset point as you prepare for your second shot.

Not only does this help you to maintain focus on the front sight (where it must be for accuracy), it also helps reinforce trigger control for multiple shots. By repeating this sequence thousands of times, you build that muscle memory and the follow-through will become second nature during a high-stress incident.

Slow Is Smooth. Smooth Is Fast.

Start this drill slowly. Shoot only as quickly as you can maintain accuracy. As you get better and your groups get smaller, work on increasing your speed. Just don’t forget the fundamentals.