Your First Line of Defense is YOU

Women’s Handgun &
Self-Defense Fundamentals

Designed for Women, by Women

Women are protectors. As one of the self-defense industry’s fastest-growing demographics, it’s easy to see that women are committed to growing, learning, and if necessary, defending the ones they love. The USCCA is here to help YOU in your concealed carry journey through expert-led multi-level training.

Training Designed With You In Mind

“This class exists because women often think – and learn – differently. Women have unique needs and expectations, and we relate to one another in distinctive ways.”

– Beth Alcazar, USCCA Associate Editor

Guns, holsters, and concealed carry leggings aren’t “one size fits all,” so why would self-defense instruction be any different? The purpose of this training curriculum is to provide a distinctly feminine approach to personal defense, which will help you build confidence in your abilities as a gun owner.

Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals

Women’s Handgun & Self-
Defense Fundamentals

Our Goals: What to Expect from this Course


A welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive instructional environment.


The importance of responsible firearm safety, ownership, and self-defense training.


You with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to use a handgun safely and proficiently.


A strong and capable community. Women are one of the fastest-growing 2A demographics, and we are here to support them.


You to get out of your comfort zone, adopt the right mindset for personal protection, and train and practice regularly.

Basic Pistol For Women

Begin your journey by discovering your “Why” when it comes to personal defense and firearms training. This is the reason and commitment that will keep you motivated to continue learning, and improving!

In this course, you will lay the foundation for handgun basics through topics like “The 4 Universal Safety Rules,” understanding firearms, clearing semi-automatic handguns, stance and grip, trigger control, and a multitude of other skills that are necessary for the proper and safe operation of a handgun.

Intermediate Pistol
For Women

Once you’ve built up confidence and have an understanding of the basic skills and fundamentals of operating a handgun, you’ll move on to the intermediate stages of pistol training. This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals you’ve developed in Basic Pistol for Women.

Here, you will explore the different types of firearms and ammunition, plus tips and tactics for picking handgun holsters. You will also participate in drills that will challenge your skills while pushing you to the next level. The overall goal of this course is to build your comfort and confidence while actively training.

Defensive Pistol
For Women

Defensive Pistol is the “finish line” for this specific curriculum series, but not for your firearm journey as a whole! Continue to build your skills and understanding as you add more advanced layers of knowledge to your repertoire. You can look forward to learning new techniques, such as reloading, shooting on the move, using cover, and acquiring the right mindset for self-defense with a firearm.

One of the biggest takeaways of this course is an understanding of the differences between marksmanship and defensive shooting, and how the proper physical and emotional states will determine if you’re prepared to perform the latter.

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