An objective-based approach to superior shooting

Marksmanship Simplified

New to firearms or don’t know where to start your self-defense journey? 

“Marksmanship Simplified” will help you quickly, safely, and successfully build solid shooting fundamentals that are critical to your development as a protector. Scientifically developed as an objective-based approach to training – “Marksmanship Simplified” is adaptable to YOUR needs and abilities, as opposed to making you “fit the mold.”

The face of gun ownership is changing…

“A staggering number of Americans are first-time gun owners, and the USCCA is empowering them to develop the most essential skills for self-defense – solid shooting fundamentals.”

– George Harris, Author, Marksmanship Simplified: An Objective-Based Approach to Superior Shooting

For millions of Americans, firearms self-defense has become the most practical and effective way to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their homes. Ordinary citizens across the country have taken a look at the world around them and decided their protection is too important to outsource, which is where “Marksmanship Simplified” comes in.

This course helps new gun owners understand the components and functions of their gun, what makes it the right one for them (or the wrong one), and how to properly handle the gun through dry-fire and live-fire drills.

You will walk away from this class equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to continue your firearms self-defense journey and be a capable gun owner.

What You Will Learn

Also known as “Active Shooter: How to Respond,” Run, Hide, Fight is a program developed by the Department of Homeland Security that was initially released to address how victim tactics should change in the face of a mass shooting.

Firearm Components

Before learning how to hold, aim, or even shoot, you’ll first learn the various features, functions, and components of your gun. This is an essential step in understanding the proper and safe use of a firearm.

Dry-Fire Drills

A staple of high-quality training, dry-fire drills allow you to practice while observing what your body does naturally. This progressive approach to training helps to develop proper form every step of the way.

Live-Fire Drills

Once you’ve developed proper shooting mechanics, the next step is putting it all into practice on the range. You’ll work with your certified instructor to improve your skills in a controlled and safe environment.

Plus, take everything you’ve learned home with you!

Each student has an opportunity to get a copy of Marksmanship Simplified, An Objective-Based Approach to Superior Shooting. This book is the ultimate resource for practicing what you’ve learned between trips to the range.

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