If we don’t teach them… who will?

Children’s FirearmS &

Safety Fundamentals

The Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals has a lot to offer new and experienced gun-owning parents. From how to properly store, handle, and use their firearm to teaching their children about firearms safety. Let’s work together and reduce firearm-related incidents.

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Our Duty to Save Lives

As gun owners we have a duty to teach our children on how we become responsibly armed Americans and save lives. The key to firearms safety is education, not isolation. The more we talk about and practice real gun safety measures with every member of our family, the safer we will be.

Does Your Child Know What To Do if They Find a Gun?

This course covers:

• The 4 Universal Firearm Safety Rules
• Firearm and ammunition fundamentals
• How to safely handle firearms at home and at the range
• Accident prevention and Safe firearm storage
• How to make gun safety a family responsibility

You will leave the class better equipped with the knowledge and confidence you need to own a firearm and help keep your whole family safe.

You’ll Discover


As a parent, if you choose to own, and carry a firearm, you drastically increase your level of responsibility. This course equips you with the knowledge and understanding of how to keep your entire family safe.


How would your child react if they found a gun in your home or at school? Do you know the safest way to store a firearm? Have you talked with your kids about guns and how to handle them?

Planning for these realistic situations will give you and your family a foundation for safety that will last a lifetime.


A family that works together to increase their knowledge and safe handling of guns has the best chance of preventing future mishaps and accidents.

Together we can teach future generations on how to become responsibly armed Americans.

Topics Covered in Children’s
Firearms & Safety Fundamentals

The Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals class uses innovative storytelling and guided discussions to engage all family members in understanding their responsibility around firearms.


Understanding different types of firearms & ammunition and how to safely act around them.

The 4 Rules of
Gun Safety

Discover the 4 universal Rules of gun safety to help keep safety first and ensure a successful outcome around firearms.


Safe storage, staging, and firearms handling are critical for accident prevention. So is an open communication line between family members.

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Knowing How to Teach Your Kid’s Safety Can Save Their Life

Reduce Firearm Accidents

In a growing effort to “Help Keep Our Loved Ones Safe”, The USCCA believes in engaging ALL family members in a safety-first mindset and the responsibilities of owning a firearm. Education is the first step in teaching children about firearms and how to act around them.

Safe Storage

Understand the different types of storage available for gun owners and how they prevent accidents.

Safe Handling

Create good habits and teach children from an early age to respect firearms. Guns are tools, not toys.

Safe Family

An informed family is a safe family. When we work together to understand firearms, we reduce accidents and “curious” mishaps.