Fighting From Inside Your Coat

From contact to about 3 feet, you can fight effectively without even pulling your gun out of your pocket, but you need to keep several things in mind.

First, you need to get control of your gun while it remains inside its holster inside your pocket. A fabric pocket holster, like those from Sticky, Elite Survival Systems or other makers, allows you to do this. Acquire a firing grip, index your arm along your torso, get your off-hand out of the way and fire.

This works well with a revolver, but not so well with an auto pistol. Get training from a competent instructor and practice this method of shooting. Yes, it destroys the holster and the cover garment, but it can keep you alive in an extreme close-quarters fight.

Close-Range Shooting

At such close range, you are clearly not using your sights. Point shooting by indexing your arm along your torso allows you to put rounds on target as effectively as you can point your finger instinctively at a target.

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