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Defensive Pistol Program

Want to experience a major impact beyond the walls of a range or classroom? Participants in the Defensive Pistol Program develop the mental and physical abilities needed for effective personal security, helping them become truly self-reliant — a key to living the protector lifestyle.

The Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Behaviors You’ll Learn

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Marksmanship
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Balance of speed and precision
  • Defensive response
  • Malfunctions and single-handed shooting

Defensive Pistol Program

– Michael Martin, Author, Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals (2020)


Classroom Instruction

During this portion of the course you’ll dig into what it means to shoot in a defensive context, probability and self-defense data that proves how likely you are to use this training in real-life, home-defense considerations, ballistics and ammo, and what clothing and gear will best suit your needs.

Live-Fire Instruction

Gain real experience using a firearm in a defensive context –— learning to react quickly and appropriately to potential threats, optimizing your response time, and ensuring your actions are effective. Each of these drills enhance your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

How is the Defensive Pistol Program Different?

self reliance

Unleash Self-reliance

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of how to use a firearm in a realistic self-defense situation, enhancing your self-reliance and capability to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Optimize Your Response

Through industry-leading USCCA training, you will learn to react quickly and appropriately to potential threats, reducing your response time, and increasing your effectiveness as a protector.

optimize response

Progressive Skill Development 

This training caters to all gun owners — regardless of experience level. At the same time, the Defensive Pistol Program offers students the chance to continually learn and progress through the USCCA’s advanced training levels.

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