DC Holsters – Deep Concealment, Definite Comfort, Downright Convenient

Carrying a concealed firearm requires you to make several challenging decisions.  Which make, model and caliber of firearm you will carry?  How often you will carry your firearm?  Where on your person you will carry your firearm?

Of course, holsters play a large role in these decisions, and the large number of holster manufacturers and types of holsters offered, only increases the possibilities for those who carry concealed. Holsters provide varying combinations of concealment, comfort, and convenience, but unfortunately, you can usually only find two of these three characteristics in any given holster. In other words, one characteristic is usually reduced at the expense of raising the other two. With a DC Holster built for a Kimber Pro Carry II, however, I found all three characteristics equally strong.

Deep Concealment

The “DC” in DC Holsters stands for “deepcover,” as the holster is meant to conceal a handgun under a tucked in shirt. It does this very well, easily hiding a Kimber Pro Carry II under a t-shirt, dress shirt, and dress slacks. For dress slacks however, you’ll need to have pants that can accommodate the extra space required by the holster. With other looser fitting pants, the DC Holster fits easily, and is concealed best at either the 3:30 or 4 o’clock positions.

The holster’s slight forward cant pointed the stock of the 1911 up, where it disappeared under a shirt. The only part of the holster showing was the black metal belt clip, which, if wearing a tucked in shirt, you can partially hide by slightly un-tucking or “blousing” your shirt over it.

Tuck-able holsters like the DC Holster, while meant for concealment under a tucked shirt, of course provide excellent concealment under an un-tucked shirt as well. Wearing the DC Holster with an un-tucked shirt or sweater allowed me to totally conceal the black metal clip. Concealment confirmed.

Definite Comfort

The DC Holster’s leather and Kydex construction come together to create comfort not only as a matter of how the holster feels when you’re wearing it, but also as a matter of securely and safely holding a handgun. The leather backing feels great against skin (if wearing it tucked) but feels even better against a cotton T-shirt (if wearing it un-tucked under a second layer of clothing). The Kydex form that’s attached to the leather fits each gun perfectly and offers a good level of retention as the design allows a gun to “snap” in place. The Kimber Pro Carry II slid easily into place, always felt secure, and came out with a firm tug.

The DC Holster’s unique design and shape of the leather backing provide the perfect amount of friction for secure retention and comfort while standing, sitting, walking, driving, or doing any number of other movements throughout the day. The holster never needed adjustment and never felt cumbersome.

That old gun carrying adage, “Comforting, not comfortable” may soon become “Comforting and comfortable.”

Downright Convenient

Other tuck-able holsters exist on the market, as do other holsters made of leather and Kydex. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and some measure of subjectivity exists in how you’ll evaluate what works best for you. What intrigued me, however, is that I not only found the DC Holster to provide deep concealment and definite comfort, but I also found it to be downright convenient. Compared to other holsters meant be tucked in for maximized comfort, the DC Holster is very easy to put on and take off. Part of the reason for this lies in the fact that the DC Holster uses less leather than other holsters, as well as just one clip instead of two. As such, when not using it as a tuck-able holster, I was able to put it on easily as a standard IWB holster – no fuss or fidgeting.

The other convenient feature of the DC Holster is the fact that the Kydex allows for one-handed re-holstering.

The DC Holster for the 1911 retails on www.dcholsters.com for $60, and the company offers holsters for numerous other handguns. The holsters are created by Greg Purcell, a USPSA Master Shooter who, as a locksmith, needed a deep cover holster that fit his work and lifestyle as a licensed concealed carrier. He set about to create a better deep cover holster, and in doing so made one not only with definite comfort but also one that is downright convenient to wear.