Women & Guns

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the firearms community and have a unique set of needs when it comes to carrying concealed. Find helpful tips and articles, including the Pacifiers & Peacemakers series, to empower you to be your family’s ultimate protector.

Shooting … and the 80/20 Rule

There’s a popular saying in the firearms world that shooting is 80% mental and 20% physical. So is it? Is… Read More >

One-Handed Shooting Stances … and Their New Names?

While teaching a ladies’ class that was focused on one-handed firearms training, I got into an interesting discussion… Read More >

Women and Firearms: We’re Not a Fad

I received a message the other day that contained the following statement: “I was welcoming women into shooting before it… Read More >

Muzzle Management Revisited

According to Colonel Jeff Cooper, universal gun safety rule number two tells us to “NEVER let the muzzle cover anything… Read More >

Forget the Flowers … Bring on the Blooms

I’m not really a flowers-and-chocolates kind of girl. Well, okay. I am a chocolate kind of girl. But flowers? Eh… Read More >

Don’t Be Nice … Be Good

As I waited in line to order a quick lunch on the go, I spotted a little girl and her… Read More >

The GAP Method

There’s no doubt that when we train with our firearms, we do our best to remember all the fundamentals of… Read More >

A Gun Girl’s Wish List

I recently had the chance to attend “The Concealed Carry Fashion Show,” presented by REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition in Independence,… Read More >

Getting Kids Involved with Shooting Sports

Teaching children about firearms safety is always at the top of my list. But I also love to see kids… Read More >

Perception … and Reality

One of the most overused tactics of the anti-gun crowd is to try to make 2nd Amendment supporters appear to… Read More >

Suppressor Covers … and Curling Irons

When it comes to female shooters, I believe that many companies in the firearms industry are listening and trying. I… Read More >

Ammo Issues and Our Ammo Plant

I have to share another competitive shooting experience I had not too long ago. It was quite an eventful 2-gun… Read More >

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