Women & Guns

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the firearms community and have a unique set of needs when it comes to carrying concealed. Find helpful tips and articles, including the Pacifiers & Peacemakers series, to empower you to be your family’s ultimate protector.

Annie Get Your Gun … and Your Jacket

Being from Alabama, I can honestly say that I don’t wear jackets very often. I don’t own many jackets in… Read More >

Jeanine Gill, Shooting Range Owner and Woman Pioneer of the Year

It’s always exciting for me to hear about the successes of other women in the firearms industry, and one of… Read More >

That’s Not My Carry Gun…

My 4-year-old daughter has a set of fun touch-and-feel board books that all begin with the phrase, “That’s not my…”… Read More >

Gun Ownership … for the Wife of a Felon

Students often ask me unique questions and bring up interesting points of discussion. And while often we can have good… Read More >

Are You Well Armed?

Ask yourself this question: Are you well armed? But — wait! — before you jump into your automated “yes” reply,… Read More >

2A Tools: You Don’t Have to Be a Hammer

There have been many situations over the years in which I have felt uncomfortable, intimidated and even out of place. Read More >

I’m a 2A Parent, but I’m Not Building a Small Army

A media contact from another country recently asked me about how and why I teach our children about firearms …… Read More >

The Only Tragedy in Which Innocents Are Blamed

It never fails that when a terrible tragedy occurs involving a firearm, all of us responsibly armed Americans seem to… Read More >

Firearm + No Training = Bad News

So, this is definitely not the first time I’ve heard or experienced what I’m about to tell you. But it… Read More >

The Anti-Gun Boyfriend: To Date … or Not to Date?

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about some thoughts and suggestions for wives whose husbands do not support… Read More >

If Momma Ain’t Happy…

Not long ago, I heard Carrie Lightfoot speak. Lightfoot founded The Well Armed Woman, “Where the Feminine and Firearms Meet.”… Read More >

Holsters: There Can Be Only One … or Not?

Cautiously, I opened the lid to the large, overstuffed container, trying carefully to avoid the jack-in-the-box explosion that I expected… Read More >

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