True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Dog Day Afternoon

If you own a dog, you might want to think about this one. My neighborhood has a fair number of… Read More >

Black Rifles Matter

Linc Sample of Boothbay Harbor, Maine put up a homemade sign in his yard. It reads: “Black Rifles Matter.” It’s… Read More >

Hating on Hypocrites

If I said judges routinely let violent felons off with probation, you would probably laugh. If I said judges routinely… Read More >

Carjacker Picks Wrong Guy!

Would you know how to fight off a carjacker? Is there a better way than just frantically slapping at his… Read More >

Guns of the Outlaws

We carefully considered the firearm—or other self-defense tools—we carry; we looked over several models and made an informed choice that… Read More >

Common Sense in Concealed Carry

I recently studied a news item from Miami in which a woman raced home when her alarm system sent her… Read More >

The Summer Job

In Miami, Florida on March 10 this year, Gwendolyn Jenrette, a 54-year-old property-owner who lived south of 79th Street near… Read More >

Happy Endings in the World of Self-Defense

Last week I referenced one of my favorite on-air sayings: “When you attempt to deprive another human being of their… Read More >

True Stories — August/September 2016

Responding police apprehended the burglar near the scene and transported him to a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot… Read More >

Family Feuds

Even the most minor disagreements have the potential for violence, but things get particularly messy when “familiars” are involved. When… Read More >

Talking to Friends Who Are Unsafe

The importance of firearms safety can’t be overstated. If you have friends who engage in unsafe acts, you have to… Read More >

Bump Drill: Stephen’s Protocol

Clayton Brumby, a Florida resident, shot and killed his son this year. The boy, Stephen, was 14 years old. While… Read More >

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