True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

Would-Be Robber Surprised by Armed Employees

When a would-be robber grabbed a customer in an Asheville, North Carolina, store and threatened to kill her if employees… Read More >

Homeowner Shows Restraint

Daniel Shelton’s Martinsville, Virginia, neighbors regard him as a hero after he confronted a man who broke into his home… Read More >

Would-Be Robber Shot Dead

A 76-year-old Newberry Springs, California, man was awakened by the sounds of someone breaking into his home in the early… Read More >

Drunken Man and Two Mechanics Mired in Standoff

The drunken man asked the clerk in an Anchorage, Alaska, gas station to call him a cab, then in a… Read More >