True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

If You Point, You Better Shoot

February 25, 2004 Dear Mr. Schmidt, I will relate a tale you may wish to use; please feel free to… Read More >

Young and Restless

EDMOND, Oklahoma — A University of Central Oklahoma student was arrested early Thursday after attempting to break into an east… Read More >

Absolutely Self-Defense

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — Wearing a blue scarf that concealed his mouth and nose, the man who entered the Food… Read More >

Football Debt Turns Violent

Gunshots erupted in the evening tranquility of the Colorado Springs, Colorado, neighborhood after an argument over a football debt turned… Read More >

Thugs Arrested and Charged

The gun shoved in night manager Eric Golden’s face during a robbery two weeks before at the Nashville, Tennessee, restaurant… Read More >

Robbers Pose as Customers

District Attorney Robert Schwarz refused to charge an Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dunkin’ Donuts employee with any wrongdoing after the armed… Read More >

Armed Robber Arrested at Nearby Hospital

The bandit brazenly barged into the Rochester, New York, market, shoving a gun into the face of the owner’s wife,… Read More >

Coming Close to Being with the Lord

As social unrest spilled across St. Petersburg, Florida, making headlines throughout the nation, criminals rampaged through the community looting businesses… Read More >

Woman Shoots Her Yardman

A 45-year-old Gwinnett County, Georgia, woman carried her gun into the kitchen to investigate a noise. There, she discovered her… Read More >

Robber Drops Gun, Makes Quick Retreat

Lawrence Nelson immediately recognized the man who walked into his San Jose, California, liquor store as the same man who… Read More >

Would-Be Robber Surprised by Armed Employees

When a would-be robber grabbed a customer in an Asheville, North Carolina, store and threatened to kill her if employees… Read More >

Homeowner Shows Restraint

Daniel Shelton’s Martinsville, Virginia, neighbors regard him as a hero after he confronted a man who broke into his home… Read More >

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