True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

What Happens if You Drop Your Gun Just One Time

Remember the FBI agent who did a flip, lost his sidearm and then shot someone as he picked up his… Read More >

Always Ready Means Always Armed

Regular readers know how we at the USCCA strongly endorse everyday carry (EDC). In today’s world, it is simply impossible… Read More >

Safety Rules in a Gunfight?

The universal firearms safety rules apply even during a gunfight, but they can be difficult to implement under the high… Read More >

Civilian Good Samaritans Finally Get Good Press

Recently, the major media outlets have had a field day splashing school shootings across their newspapers and TV screens. However,… Read More >

True Stories — May/June 2018

Wrench in His Plans: South Carolina Armed Citizens Stop Customer’s Rampage When a disgruntled customer of a Rock Hill auto… Read More >

Pay Attention and Always Be Armed

Let’s take a look at what can happen if you are oblivious to the world around you. In this video… Read More >

‘I Am Not a Coward!’

Remember the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding?” Linguist Ben Zimmer, who wrote for the Boston Globe from 2011… Read More >


It wasn’t easy being a teenager with a World War II Pacific combat navy hero for a dad. His silent… Read More >

Bad Dog? No, Bad Dog Owner …

An incident in my Florida neighborhood this past week caused quite a ruckus. An elderly woman had been walking her… Read More >

Keep Fighting!

What does a person usually do after getting shot with a pistol? The same thing he was doing before he… Read More >

True Stories — April 2018

Pillow Fight: Indiana Homeowner Foils Home-Invading Duo A Calumet Township man and his fiancée were watching TV one evening when… Read More >

‘Violence of Action’ Defined

In a fight, violence of action typically wins the day. You need to become violent enough fast enough to end… Read More >

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