True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

True Stories — November/December 2017

Silverware Surprise: Tennessee Hotel Guest Defends Against Armed Attack A Nashville couple checked into a local hotel after church one… Read More >

Family Feud Turns Deadly

Regular readers will know how much we at the USCCA stress avoiding trouble before things get out of hand. In… Read More >

The Only Tragedy in Which Innocents Are Blamed

It never fails that when a terrible tragedy occurs involving a firearm, all of us responsibly armed Americans seem to… Read More >

Anger Management 2.0

Today, with the public becoming aware that more than 15 million Americans are legally carrying firearms, you would think that… Read More >

True Stories — October 2017

Crisis Averted A family of four from Hoonah was walking in line through a wooded area to a favorite fishing… Read More >

When NOT to Use Your Gun

During the hustle and bustle — and, quite possibly, the insanity — of getting ready for back-to-school activities last month,… Read More >

Blaming Victims … the New Norm

Something is terribly wrong with the thought processes of some people in our country. Somehow, somewhere along the lines, something… Read More >

Dead in One Second

I preach situational awareness and “responsibly armed Americans” to the neighbors. I know which friends respond positively and which don’t. Read More >

True Stories — August/September 2017

Police Credit Armed Texas Citizen With Stopping Active Shooter A man walked into a popular Arlington restaurant and started shouting… Read More >

Ahhh, the Neighbors…

My wife is on my case. Apparently, our neighbors give me mixed reviews … and we haven’t been in New… Read More >

Will You Be Ready?

We always ask the question in terms of self-defense. Will you be ready to fight if you need to? Will… Read More >

Dear Jennifer…

Dear Jennifer: I don’t know you, not personally, that is, and yet I know your persona. Why not let’s be… Read More >

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