True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

True Stories — October 2018

Kicked In: Florida Mobile Home Residents Fight Off Invaders Three Glen St. Mary men were asleep in their mobile home… Read More >

Gas Station Assault

No matter how much I insist that I will steer clear of popular but time-consuming social media sites such as… Read More >

What’s in Your Wallet?

While I was digging through my wallet the other day, my husband commented that it looked a bit full. He… Read More >

Shoplifting Our Rights

The UN World Population Prospects says 7,452 people die every day in the U.S. — one every 12 seconds. This… Read More >

Where Oh Where Is My Gun?

About once a month, my members-only gun range sends out an email describing guns — both long guns and handguns… Read More >

Supermarket Sweep

Until recently, my family shopped for groceries at an Albertsons Market about a mile from the house. In New Mexico,… Read More >

Could You Shoot a Child in Self-Defense?

In the Medieval era, the sack and ruin of cities was often accompanied by the wholesale murder of men, women… Read More >

David’s Story: USCCA Member Defends Against Armed Thugs in Barbershop

What happened when 2 armed thugs entered his local barbershop looking for easy targets & fast cash… Today I want… Read More >

Last Man Standing

Ten years ago I wrote a book about paintball. The “sport” (if you can call it a sport) was growing,… Read More >

Keep Your Distance!

Everyone who carries can learn from deadly force incidents, even those involving police officers. For that reason, a recent fatal… Read More >

Bill’s Story: USCCA Member and Concealed Carrier Arrested After Road Rage Incident

Bill is an American gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, and USCCA Member… And with his firearms experience he… Read More >

Knife Attack! What Would You Do?

Watch this surveillance video. What would you do if an attacker with a knife went after a person in the… Read More >

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