True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms.

What Have You Taught Your Kids?

On Nov. 10, 2015 news outlets across the South ran the story of a 13-year-old South Carolina boy who fatally… Read More >

Would You Survive a Paris-Style Attack?

The terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night should serve as your final wake-up call. If you didn’t think this brand… Read More >

I Ask Again…Are You Ready?

I just finished reading the story of the young mother who was the victim of a home invasion. Read More >

You’re Armed, You’re Trained, You’re Ready…

…but what if YOU aren’t there? A recent incident illustrated why every responsible adult in your household should know how… Read More >

The Emerging Terror Threat: Islamic Extremist Knife Attacks

The stabbing this week at the University of California, Merced campus could have been much worse. Fortunately there were no… Read More >

It’s Your Move…Be Careful

I hate stories like this. Nice guy decides to move to another state, and gets caught up in a perfect… Read More >

Handcuffed and arrested for driving with his firearm…

Here at the USCCA we come across cases like this all the time… You know, the deck is already stacked… Read More >

True Stories — October 2015

He followed the men outside and confronted them with his legally-carried pistol, telling them his gun was loaded but… Read More >

Real Courage. But What if…?

By now you’ve probably heard about the heroic actions of James Vernon, who stopped what could have been a bloody… Read More >

Late Guy

Sometimes things happen that make you scratch your head and wonder who the hell raised certain people and where their… Read More >

Never Let This Anger Subside

I’m still angry about the shooting at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon. I’m angry that some worthless piece… Read More >

Handcuffed and Arrested: Bill’s Story | USCCA Video

It was a normal morning… Bill was driving to work when another car cut him off, and then chased him… Read More >

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