Self-Defense & Home Defense

Be prepared with a variety of concealed carry and firearms tips and tactics that can help keep you and your family safe both inside and outside of your home. Find helpful articles and videos, including the Into the Fray training series, that cover everything from situational awareness and conflict avoidance to cover vs. concealment and the use of force in a critical encounter.

How Many Weapons Do You Carry?

What do you really want to know about concealed carry? I apologize if I sometimes fall into the trap of… Read More >

Why Bet Against the Odds?

Any good “Texas Hold’em” player can calculate at the drop of each card what his or her chances of winning… Read More >

Situational Awareness Fail: Life-Altering Experience

SINCE JOINING THE USCCA last year and reading all the fabulous articles in Concealed Carry Magazine, I have learned to… Read More >

The Bill Drill (Version 2)

The Drill: The primary focus of The Bill Drill is to break the habit of firing the same number… Read More >

Fight the Monsters Among Us

A gruesome murder on the streets of Cleveland was posted to Facebook. The incident began when one man stopped his… Read More >

Firearms Retention Starts with Concealment

I’m no fan of open carry. I love the fact that we have open carry laws, because, you know …… Read More >

When Good Habits Kill

On the shooting range a couple weeks ago, I struggled with ammo feed through my little pocket of power .380. Read More >

The X Drill

The Drill: The X Drill helps you to focus on firing pairs of rounds while transitioning between multiple targets… Read More >

The Best Way to Carry Your Knife?

Where do you carry your knife? Can you get to it when you need it? Have you experimented with other… Read More >

Public Restroom Carry: Keeping That Important Stop Safe (and Arrest-Free)

Now here’s something we don’t talk about often but should: the pitfalls (pun intended) of carrying a lawfully concealed handgun… Read More >


Used to be that Southern men like me had a reputation for fierce independence. Insult our mother and count on… Read More >

Split-Second Justice

Last week, I was having a conversation with an attorney friend of mine who has an impressive track record in… Read More >

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