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Be prepared with a variety of concealed carry and firearms tips and tactics that can help keep you and your family safe both inside and outside of your home. Find helpful articles and videos, including the Into the Fray training series, that cover everything from situational awareness and conflict avoidance to cover vs. concealment and the use of force in a critical encounter.

Joe deSua

I have been a member of the NRA for many years, but decided to take it to a higher… Read More >

I Guarantee Dramatic Results

Dear Editor, Wow! I disagree with one statement in Ray Baltes’ otherwise fine article, Carrying Concealed Starts with One Finger. Read More >


SUITLAND, Maryland — Police say a Suitland man prevented a burglary at his home this afternoon, by shooting the suspect… Read More >

History Reveals the Truth: Founders’ Intentions Vis-à-Vis an Armed Populace

Those who seek to curtail your rights – the rights protected, not granted to you as an individual and… Read More >

The 2nd Amendment & The Burden of Proof

Imagine you’re in court and the anti-gunner is accusing you of a crime in order to put you in… Read More >

Quit Whining and Keep Your Powder Dry

Dear Editor, I was just reading the letters to the editor in the July/August ‘04 issue and I have to… Read More >

John Hayes

In my opinion, most everyone should learn the shooting arts and be prepared to defend themselves and their loved… Read More >

Should You Screw Up Your Courage & Go To A Shooting Match

The first thing you’ll probably learn at your first shooting match is that you do not shoot as fast,… Read More >

Ladies Only

Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona,, is putting a lie to all of those (sexist) statements through… Read More >

Why You Should Pack Your Gun in the Shower

SOMERVILLE, Massachusetts — A Somerville, Massachusetts, resident had just stepped out of his shower when he heard unusual sounds at… Read More >

Party’s Over!

TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma — A Tahlequah man died from one gunshot wound to the chest early Thursday morning, investigators said. Christopher… Read More >

Neighborhood Watch

CAPE CORAL, Florida — A Cape Coral woman suffered critical injuries when a stranger broke into her house as she… Read More >

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