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Be prepared with a variety of concealed carry and firearms tips and tactics that can help keep you and your family safe both inside and outside of your home. Find helpful articles and videos, including the Into the Fray training series, that cover everything from situational awareness and conflict avoidance to cover vs. concealment and the use of force in a critical encounter.

The Modern Urban Rifle

The author trains with his Bulgarian AK during winter in Arizona. The AK is a viable weapon system, but… Read More >

Final Option…Should Be Your First Choice

All live-fire training at Final Option is done on reactionary steel targets. The targets provide instant feedback and are… Read More >

School Shootings, Workplace Violence and Guns: Something Has Changed and It’s NOT THE GUNS

[ This article is printed with permission from T. Stephen Eggleston (The Eggman). ] Killing a human being just… Read More >

Pat Comer

Pat, after surgery, and his youngest daughter, Adrienne. Being born in the mid 1950s, in a rural area of… Read More >

The Winchesterm

The word itself breathes and whispers life into our recent past. Over the saddle drape careless reins. Weathered hands grip… Read More >

Evasion Footwork

Shooting while moving is a skill-set that is not difficult to obtain, yet few understand. One session with force-on-force… Read More >

73-Year-Old Resident Wounds Suspect

FORT BEND, Texas — Fort Bend County Sheriff ’s investigators were still sorting through the details that led to the… Read More >

Teen Faces Burglary Counts

STRATFORD, Wisconsin — A Stratford teen faces several counts of burglary and theft after authorities say he was caught early… Read More >

LFI-1: The Judicious Use of Deadly Force, Rob Reed

Ayoob’s flagship course, LFI-1: The Judicious Use of Deadly Force, sets the standard with its complete coverage of the… Read More >

CCM Is Like My Favorite Dessert, I Hate Finishing It!

Dear Editor, I have received several issues and I am thoroughly convinced that Concealed Carry Magazine would be the ONE… Read More >

Woman Shoots Intruder in Leg

BAKERSFIELD, California — A woman defending her home shot a trespasser after two warning shots Wednesday afternoon. It happened on… Read More >

Confrontation Psychology 101: Use Your Head

Psychology has more to do with responding to a conflict than most people realize. Learn what you must do in order to have a mental advantage in conflict response and resolution… Read More >

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