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The Truth Comes Out…Sort Of

But are we listening? Whatever else you think of Donald Trump, you can at least be reasonably confident that his… Read More >

“Violence Entrepreneurs”

Steven Pinker says we live in the best of times. That the world is experiencing an age of love and… Read More >

How Many Times Must I Ask the Question?

For several years I have asked the question on air, in the magazine, and online: What party wants your guns?… Read More >

Can America Be Saved?

There’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that you will ever meet Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Too bad. Hussein works for… Read More >

The Propaganda War Heats Up

With the election approaching, don’t be surprised to see polls showing increasing support for new restrictions on guns. Recent shootings,… Read More >

“I’ve Spent a Lot of Time with Law Enforcement Over the Past Couple of Weeks…”

(The names of race baiters and cop haters who have contributed to the current police-hating climate have been left uncapitalized… Read More >

Ombudsman: The Road to Hell is Paved…

…with ego and good intentions. Unless you are approached for an interview by a member of the media whom you… Read More >

How’d I Do?

Here’s how this works. I operate on deadline for this publication, just like everyone else you read in this report. Read More >

Trump Card

It’s simple, really. I’m voting for as much change as possible, although not the “dopey hopey, changey” brand that B. Read More >

Where to Begin?

I have written 200 of these columns, sometimes sitting down at my desk with no earthly idea of where the… Read More >

Now More Than Ever…Tread Carefully

Legally carrying firearms always comes with responsibility, and a certain amount of risk, both physical and legal. But the two… Read More >

If a Tree Falls…

It is beyond tragedy that a mentally unstable, 29-year-old American born Muslim would walk into a nightclub and shoot to… Read More >

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