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A Visit from St. Michael: He’s the Patron Saint of Firepower, Right?

‘TIS JUST DAYS before Christmas and the cash registers ring, as all on the “nice” list continue to sing, “More… Read More >

Coming Distractions: Hollywood Escalates War on Guns

As you are reading this, the latest piece of Hollywood anti-Second Amendment propaganda masquerading as “entertainment” is just now hitting… Read More >

“I Killed One, I Think…”

It’s a personal thing with me. I hate the media for lots of different reasons, including their smugness and their… Read More >

So What’s New?

I know … loaded question, right? The real issue is what isn’t new! Specifically, I’m talking about the amazing publication that… Read More >

Lessons from the Ohio State Attack

First up, know this: The final official reports are not in yet from the recent attack at Ohio State University. Read More >

Do Not Imagine…

In 1971, John Lennon released the song “Imagine.” It remains the anthem of the left. At the end of the… Read More >

Bad Day for Cops … and for Us

The headline said it all: Cops Shot in 4 Cities in 24 Hours, 2 Shootings Called “Targeted” Last Sunday morning,… Read More >

Opting Kids Out of Gun Safety Training

There are a lot of stories in the media about dumb things and even dumber people. I usually ignore them. Read More >

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Remember the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where Matthew Broderick’s character Ferris Bueller takes a day off from school by… Read More >

A New World

Returning from a long trip is always a joy and a pain. It takes me a week to get into… Read More >

I Have the Tapes to Prove It…

For the last two weeks on Armed American Radio, as we neared the election, I repeatedly predicted — publicly (including… Read More >

Afraid of Creepy Clowns?

Disclaimer: I’m intentionally NOT discussing the election in today’s column. I’m assuming you’ve already made up your mind by now… Read More >

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