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Bump Drill: Stephen’s Protocol

Clayton Brumby, a Florida resident, shot and killed his son this year. The boy, Stephen, was 14 years old. While… Read More >

Hate Mail

I love hate mail. It’s fun to get, it’s fun to read, and it’s fun to respond to…under the right… Read More >

More Than Ever…We’re on Our Own

Most of us who carry a gun for personal protection realize the truth of the adage, “When seconds count, police… Read More >

Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud

The following information should send a chill down the spine of every single American regardless of political affiliation, color, religion,… Read More >

Cops Under Siege: Bad for All of Us

The latest rioting in Milwaukee is a perfect illustration of just how distorted reality has become for certain segments of… Read More >

Notes from the Week

1 – Rough Few Days, Huh? Last week was rough. Not in the personal sense that anything major went down… Read More >

City of the Big Shoulders

What’s going on in the Windy City? Why, murder and mayhem, that’s what. This is the same tough, burly city… Read More >

Between a Principle and a Hard Place

No doubt the unAmerican gun grabbers can come up with some real doozies. Pop Tarts chewed into the shape of… Read More >

The Truth Comes Out…Sort Of

But are we listening? Whatever else you think of Donald Trump, you can at least be reasonably confident that his… Read More >

“Violence Entrepreneurs”

Steven Pinker says we live in the best of times. That the world is experiencing an age of love and… Read More >

How Many Times Must I Ask the Question?

For several years I have asked the question on air, in the magazine, and online: What party wants your guns?… Read More >

Can America Be Saved?

There’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that you will ever meet Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Too bad. Hussein works for… Read More >

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