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When Was the Last Time You Read This?

Our nation is now broken beyond repair. By being broken, I’m of course referring to the incredible display of corruption… Read More >

How Many is Too Many?

I will admit it: I have some liberal friends. Yes, I have been known to rub elbows with the likes… Read More >

Fish in a Barrel: Not for Me, Thanks…

Most of the lessons of the Orlando shooting were already clear to those of us who carry firearms for personal… Read More >

Guess Which Party Wants Your Guns…Again

What a remarkable two weeks. Think about it: the last two weeks have been nothing short of incredible. In the… Read More >

Coming to America

Who is responsible for the murders in Orlando (49)? Or those in San Bernardino (14) last year? Who is responsible… Read More >

If the Tables Were Turned

The other day, I saw a tongue-in-cheek video that was poking fun at vegetarians. The video was parodying what it… Read More >

Pass the Blood Pressure Medication, Please…

Where in the world to even begin? For the life of me, I’m not really sure where to start. I’m… Read More >

Orlando: Exposing the False Premise of Background Checks

When a 29-year-old radicalized American-born Muslim jihadist conducted a one-man assault on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida last week,… Read More >

BREXIT: Why It Matters

This month, Britain will vote whether to remain a member of the 28-nation European Union (EU). The vote has consequences… Read More >

Political Violence: What Do You Do?

Regardless of your political leanings, you should be disturbed by what happened at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose… Read More >

Knives, Clubs, and Other Weapons? Now You’re Covered…

Let’s review. The definition of deadly force, according to Wisconsin law (where I live), is as follows: The intentional use… Read More >

Lie After Lie After Lie

Last week on June 1st during a PBS TV special, Barack Obama was asked this question in front of a… Read More >

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