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Stay abreast of firearms-related news and events across the country and around the world with impassioned commentary from some of the industry’s most noted voices, including Armed American Radio Host Mark Walters.

Trust Your Gut

You know the feeling I’m talking about: that pit of your stomach feeling that Tells you something is wrong. Read More >

Gun Rights Group Worth Watching

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Keep an eye on Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Check out… Read More >

Grassroots Organizing

When a legislator gets a letter on a subject, he believes it signifies an issue he must watch.   When… Read More >

Robbery? What Robbery

Just by being there, open carrier JP Mitchell and his friend Matt Brannan helped stop an armed invasion at… Read More >

Home Safe Home

Unfortunately, my first floor is wide open and very visible to someone actually standing on the other side of… Read More >

No “Unwritten” Law

Our society is inured to adultery through television, and wayward politicians and juries are no longer outraged to encounter… Read More >

The Love of My Life

Nikki and Ben were just beginning to settle into their lives together when they decided to have a little… Read More >


Accessories will require answers, some more than others.   Eleanor Roosevelt carried a concealed weapon.   She made the… Read More >

Concealed Carry in Parks

What you need to know about concealed carry in parks.   Twenty-five years ago, the Department of the Interior established… Read More >

The Law: What Happens if You Brandish Your Gun?

What is the brandishing law in your state? Brandishing a weapon of any kind is a felony in most… Read More >

Armed American Radio

A few months later, I received a call from the folks at WGKA in Atlanta who had heard of… Read More >

Boobytrap Law

An “Alarm Gun.” The hammer is held back by a nail between the hammer and a pivot in the… Read More >

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