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I Have the Tapes to Prove It…

For the last two weeks on Armed American Radio, as we neared the election, I repeatedly predicted — publicly (including… Read More >

Afraid of Creepy Clowns?

Disclaimer: I’m intentionally NOT discussing the election in today’s column. I’m assuming you’ve already made up your mind by now… Read More >

Zimmerman, the Media, and You

A few weeks ago, I commented on the way the mainstream media covered the case of Matthew Apperson, the man… Read More >

It’s a Never-Ending Saga with the Democrats

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, I was a guest on the overnight radio program, The Captain’s AMERICA — Third Watch,… Read More >

Dog Day Afternoon

If you own a dog, you might want to think about this one. My neighborhood has a fair number of… Read More >

The CrossBreed Holster Studios…and Freedom

Every day I open my programs with the phrase, “Coming to you from the CrossBreed Holster Studios,” and this week… Read More >

Black Rifles Matter

Linc Sample of Boothbay Harbor, Maine put up a homemade sign in his yard. It reads: “Black Rifles Matter.” It’s… Read More >

Storm Warnings

Anyone not living under a rock likely saw that last weekend’s news was dominated by reports of Hurricane Matthew. For… Read More >

Backup Systems

It’s been a busy couple of days here in the CrossBreed Holster Studios. I have been working in this newer… Read More >

Another Month, Another Record

Gun sales are surging, and for the 17th straight month in a row, FBI NICS checks are at unprecedented levels. Read More >

Some Stories Never End…

The saga of George Zimmerman continues to make headlines, at least here in Florida, where his confrontation with Trayvon Martin… Read More >

Poisoning the Jury Pool…

We civilians who carry firearms for personal protection should pay close attention to the recent police shootings, particularly to the… Read More >

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